Debunking Common Facelift Myths

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In a world so obsessed with youthful enhancement and beauty, the demand for cosmetic surgery has been on the rise. Among a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, the facelift surgery is by far the most misunderstood procedure always surrounded by a shroud of misconceptions. With many celebrities taking the forefront in campaigning for facial rejuvenation, the operation, in particular, has morphed into a procedure that many individuals claim to know, but very few people understand. We have debunked some of the common myths about facelifts in this piece.

Myth #1- Only older people are the perfect candidates for facial lifts

Facial lifts are cosmetic surgical procedures that eradicate sagging skin, and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, eventually restoring a youthful appearance. Many people will match these needs with the elderly as they fight to age.

However, experts have stated that facelifts are an ideal option for people as young as forty years old. Contrary to widespread belief, your age isn’t a requirement during the assessment before surgery.

Other factors, such as genetics, lifestyle, and environment, have a significant impact on how we age. Age mustn’t dictate whether or not you should have the facial lift procedure.

Myth #2- Your recovery from the facial lift procedure will take ages

Facial lift procedures are invasive, no doubt. There is no denying that you will need some downtime to recover from any invasive procedure. It’s no different from facial lift surgery. Unfortunately, most patients considering the procedure imagine that the risks associated with the facial lift are enormous. Some assume that they will wake up wrapped in mummy bandages and stick to the fashion for more than six months during recovery.

Nonetheless, this is far from the truth. An excellent cosmetic surgeon will ensure minimal pain and smooth downtime with proper medication and after-care. Most patients resume normal activity after two weeks of post-surgery.

Myth #3- Facial lifts are only for the ladies

Aging doesn’t denote a grey area. No woman or man escapes the jaws of aging and developing wrinkles. Cosmetic surgery is designed to help out both genders restore their youthfulness. Facial lifts aren’t only intended for ladies. Men are also invited to try out the procedure and restore their handsome selves.

While women benefit from regaining their feminine, youthful, and lifted appearances, the facial lift in men helps reclaim masculine features such as a defined jawline and a more substantial appearance on the upper side of the face. So, can anyone get a surgical facial rejuvenation regardless of gender? Absolutely!

Myth #4- A facial lift appearance is evident and fake

‘A facelift makes you look like you’ve had one, at just one glance.’ While some procedures become botched in the long run, a skilled plastic surgeon understands that no one wants a fake appearance after surgery.

Yes, we’ve all heard of these horror stories about a celebrity or two who’ve had their facial skin pulled so tight that their appearances now epitomize that of a frog.

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However, when done carefully with a master’s in cosmetic surgery, the results should be subtle and perfect. Ensure that you have a good surgeon to lower the risks of having botched results after the surgery.

Myth #5- Facial lifts only revolve around one technique

Look around; your face is unique unless you have an identical twin. Similar to how your face is unique, so is every facial lift procedure. Every procedure is customized according to your facial features and your desires.

Your cosmetic surgeon may recommend a brow lift, rhinoplasty, or blepharoplasty alongside the surgical facial rejuvenation to achieve the results you describe. Facial lifts don’t necessarily pull your skin tight from a general scope. The goal of the surgical procedure is to reduce the aging aspects of your face and yield optimal results in the end.

Myth #6- Botox and fillers will achieve similar results

While it’s true that Botox and other facial fillers do achieve a more youthful appearance, the results cannot be equated to those of facial lifts. Botox reduces wrinkles and fine lines, but the treatment isn’t effective in eradicating sagging skin, fat displacement, and lost muscles. Moreover, Botox and other injectables fade over time. You are required to head into the cosmetic clinic for additional injections after about three to six months to retain the results. On the other hand, facial lifts have a more long-lasting effect, and they do much more than Botox, as explained above.

Myth #7- The results are permanent

Facial lifts have more long-lasting results. However, they aren’t permanent. Despite restoring a youthful appearance through surgery, the aging process does not stop. The longevity of the results highly depends on the following:

  • Your lifestyle choices- healthy skin relies on your lifestyle habits. For instance, alcohol and tobacco use may trigger premature aging.
  • Drastic weight changes- dramatic weight loss or gain causes stress to your skin and may have an impact on the facelift.
  • Nutrition- the right nutrients will help keep your skin hydrated and healthy, maintaining your skin’s elasticity.
  • Sun exposure- the sun’s heat can speed up the aging process. You are advised to use sunscreen and cover up after a facial lift to encourage longevity of the results.
  • Your cosmetic surgeon’s skills- When expertly procured, the results should last more than a decade.

Myth #8- The surgery doesn’t leave scars

Since we are factual, all surgical procedures will leave behind scars as they involve incisions. Facial lifts aren’t any different. In this case, incisions are typically tucked in and hidden underneath the skin creases and in the hairlines.

When expertly performed, incisions and scars from surgical facial rejuvenation usually heal well and are inconspicuous. The scars will soften with time, although they will never permanently vanish. Scars aren’t anything to worry about when considering facial lifts.

 The goal of modern cosmetic surgery and techniques is to revive hope in interested patients about regaining youthfulness.

Is facial lift surgery worth the resources, time, and consideration? The answer to this depends on your tastes, preferences, budgets, and desires. All in all, the facial lift procedure is a sure and immediate way of restoring your younger self.

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