11 Reasons Cycling is Good for You

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With so much time spent indoors in the past year, everyone’s longing to get out. For some people, they don’t even have to see people or attend big events anymore. Just a simple stroll outside can already give a sense of normalcy we long for so much.

And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than to work out? One of the hottest outdoor activities is cycling. Not only does it help you stretch your muscles, but it also allows you to explore places you miss or want to go to. You can even invite your friends and family to enjoy such sport with you. 

Still not sold on the whole outdoor cycling routine?

If so, then here are the 11 reasons why cycling is good for you!

#1 Great way to start the day

Let’s start with how you can begin your day on a high note by simply cycling. Science says that physical exercise stimulates the production of happy hormones. So, a short ride can already bring you a much-needed mood boost early in the morning.

Cycling in the morning can help you stretch and wake up your muscles and joints. Another great thing is that you can exercise while running your morning errands. You can ride your bike when buying breakfast from your nearest deli or strolling around the neighborhood.

#2 Provides low-impact exercise

What makes cycling such a good exercise routine is that it’s a low-impact exercise. By this, we mean that cycling won’t put too much pressure or impact stress on your knee joints, unlike other aerobic exercises like running or jogging.  

So, you can make cycling your long-term exercise plan without worrying about risks of injury or chronic conditions. Of course, you still need proper cycling gear to avoid injuries.

And because it’s a low-impact exercise, it means that just about anyone can enjoy it. Even those with arthritis can still cycle to stay physically active without aggravating their condition!

#3 Improves heart health

Not only does cycling exercise your leg muscles, but it also helps strengthen your heart. It has both short-term and long-term heart health benefits.

Every time you ride your bike, your heart rate increases. In time, cycling can thus train your heart to pump blood more efficiently. Besides, cycling also improves blood circulation, thus making sure each part of your body receives the right amount of nutrients and oxygen. 

#4 Effectively burns calories

Who thought burning calories could also be fun? Probably not someone who’s never cycled before!

What sets cycling apart from other exercises is that it allows you to enjoy while you tire yourself exercising. Even while you’re sweating, you can still take time to breathe in some fresh air and appreciate beautiful landscapes.

Cycling for half an hour can already burn around . And that number’s just for moderate cycling! So, imagine how much more excess calories you can burn if you exert yourself to a healthy limit. 

#5 Can Boost Mental Health

Cycling can also help you take time to relax and reflect. It can also take you anywhere you want to go. You can even cover longer distances to visit a serene beach or park if you have with pedal assist features.

And have we mentioned that exercise literally gives off happiness by stimulating the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin? Blood circulation is also improved during cycling. So, these happy hormones also spread to your body faster. 

#6 Lets you ride faster and farther

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Cycling isn’t just an aerobic activity as it’s also a transportation alternative. With a bike, you can cover short and long distances alike. 

You also get to places faster because bikes can swerve traffic congestion. Bike-friendly cities even have special lanes for cyclists, thus reducing travel times and increasing safety. 

When you use electric bikes, you can even go faster and farther without overexerting yourself. Just make sure to check with your local regulations, as some places regulate the maximum speed of electric bikes. 

#7 Helps Reduce Carbon Footprint

More importantly, riding a bike reduces your carbon footprint. 

On average, each person in the world accounts for 4.8 tonnes of emissions. This per capita data is even higher in some countries like the US, Canada, China, and Australia. At such rates, global warming will worsen sooner than expected. In fact, global temperature has been rising at a rate of 0.18°C per year in the past decades. 

By riding a bike to school or work, you can certainly lower your per capita emissions. The more people converting to cycling as a primary means of transportation, the less the carbon emissions. 

And if you’re thinking of getting an e-bike, the good news is that these bikes have rechargeable batteries and can run on stored power from renewable energy sources. 

#8 Efficient Transport Means

Additionally, cycling offers an efficient way of transportation. We say this because bikes can get you to and fro places without leading you to traffic. 

Bikes are also efficient in the way that they can carry loads. With baskets, you can transport light items with a bike. Some electric bikes even have larger baskets and rear racks, plus they have more extra power to support heavier loads. 

And by efficiency, we also pertain to its costs. Bikes are certainly more affordable than vehicles and motorcycles. Additionally, bikes don’t require high maintenance costs. You won’t even have to find and pay for parking every time you go out! 

#9 Balances Safety and Fun

Cycling is also both safe and fun as you can make cycling a family or friend event. Children can quickly learn it, and older people can also enjoy it without triggering joint pain. Since electric bikes feature assisted pedaling, you won’t have to exert solid effort anymore. 

E-bikes are therefore perfect for the kids and elderly. With the proper safety gear and precautions on the road, you can all enjoy cycling.  

#10 Introduces a new hobby

Most people cycle for fitness and health concerns and cleaner transportation practices. However, cycling can also be as simple as a new hobby. 

More and more people are also turning to cycling either with regular bikes or electric-driven ones. So, you can also join groups and meet new people. And should you want to do more, you can also join races, tours, and other cycling events.

#11 Electric bikes are the future of transportation

The future of transportation lies in the development of electric vehicles such as e-bikes and e-cars. So, why not start now? Cycling may just be your gateway to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

And that concludes the list of 11 reasons why cycling is good for you! If you want to find out if these benefits are real, why don’t you try cycling yourself? It may just be the best thing you need, and you don’t even know it yet!

By Trevor Fenner

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