BREAKING : Crying helps you Lose Weight

Human response to any event which is unexpected is crying. Out of pain, stress, happiness or anything else they cry. Dr. Aaron Neufeld of Los Altos Optometric Group said that there are three different forms of tears – reflex, basal and psychic tear.

BREAKING : Crying helps you lose weight
BREAKING: Crying helps you lose weight

Experts suggest that basal tears are the one which is the basic functional tears. They are required to keep our eyes moist. Reflex tears are the one which comes out as a response to some event. This is mostly because of the environmental factors like pollution, smoke, smog, wild gust and likewise.

BREAKING : Crying helps you lose weight
BREAKING: Crying helps you lose weight

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Whereas psychic tears are the ones which are associated with someone’s feeling. A recent study has pointed out that emotional crying triggers weight loss. It is because emotional crying heightens the cortisol level in your body. Cortisol is mostly as a result of bottled up emotions in your body.

BREAKING : Crying helps you lose weight
BREAKING: Crying helps you lose weight

Thus, when you cry because of emotional reasons, then your stress and anxiety also get drained down. As a result of the weight gain because of stress and tension also wear down at the same time.

BREAKING : Crying helps you lose weight
BREAKING: Crying helps you lose weight

As a result, the body is unable to store any more fat because the stress hormones are flown down due to crying. But you must remember that only the real emotions are counted here and not the ones which are forceful and without any actual reason.

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BREAKING : Crying helps you Lose Weight 2
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BREAKING : Crying helps you Lose Weight 3
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