Fitness Motivation: Skinny Teen transformed into a ripped bodybuilder

35-year-old Craig recalls that he hit new self-esteem low when in 2004 he was 6 feet 3 inch tall but still weighed just 10th.

He started working out when he was 20 years old and that’s when he reached his first 15th in his life. Craig became addicted to the gym and devoted daily one and a half hour there. Craig is now a resident of Las Vegas and is considered as one of the biggest bodybuilders of all times.  He has more than 4,00,000 Instagram followers.

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He now weighs 25th and he took a long 10 years to reach this phase. Before some days only he shared this story on Instagram.

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Just because you're skinny doesn't mean you can't! Anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself. 150lbs to 350lbs most definitely can't be done over night! The journey isn't always the easiest but once you reached your goal that hard work becomes a reward. And remember when ever you feel liking giving up people are out there working ten times harder! No time to waste! Let's get hyyyyyyyyyugggggggge! – ONLINE COACHING AVAILABLE CUT/BULK/LOSE FAT/COMPETE Men or woman! Dm me for rates Ok sale today! 💪🏻✔️ – #fuckskinnygethuge #craiggolias #bodybuilding #transformation #beforeandafter #motivation #bodybuildingmotivation #shredded #lvac #fitfam #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #fitness

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His maximum focus was on weight training because he wanted to gain his body weight quickly. He is one of the most dedicated and disciplined bodybuilders whose hard efforts are finally showing the results.

Craig is an online fitness sensation and an aspiring bodybuilder who has made his prominence in Los Angeles Bodybuilding championship, Mr. and Ms. Muscle beach bodybuilding and Figure contest.

He says

“Just want to thank everyone who leaves positive feedback on my pages! Your honestly the motivation I have to push towards my goals. And for the negative comments, they push me forward as well.

To go out of your way and tell me I’m so big that I’m near death is actually a compliment to me. I’ve been checked and everything is healthy for my size. I might be a bit sluggish but it’s worth it to be able to chase dreams and accomplish goals.”

His major accomplishments include –

  • 2010 NPC USA Championships, 16th
  • 2010 NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships, 2nd
  • 2009 NPC USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships, 16th
  • 2008 NPC Excalibur Bodybuilding And Figure Championships, 6th
  • 2007 Mr. And Ms. Muscle Beach Bodybuilding And Figure Contest, 2nd
  • 2007 NPC Junior California Bodybuilding and Figure Contest, 1st

Workout Details – 

He works out six days a week. He is not a fan of cardio unless he is looking to cut down his body fat. His training calendar is following –

  • Monday – Chest, and Hamstrings
  • Tuesday – Arms
  • Wednesday – Back
  • Thursday – Calves
  • Friday – Shoulders
  • Saturday – Quads
  • Sunday – Rest

He loves his chest exercises and that’s what keeps him motivated.

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Fitness Motivation: Skinny Teen transformed into a ripped bodybuilder 2
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Fitness Motivation: Skinny Teen transformed into a ripped bodybuilder 3
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