A study on the impact of COVID-19 on the rising case of depression

Depression Study and Rising Cases

People serving in the essential requirement category faced new professional challenges with a higher risk of getting infected. 42% of essential workers showed signs of anxiety and depressive disorder than non-essential workers.

There was also an alarming rise in the rate of people with suicidal thoughts. In 2019, about 8 percent of the population was reported with suicidal though. This percentage raised to 22 percent during the pandemic. Physiatrist recommends people to buy Modafinil for the depressive disorder to help bring in positive thoughts in them by increasing the release of serotonin in the body.

Is it safe for students with mental health challenges to buy Modafinil?

Mental health plays a major role in the academic success of a student. Suffering from mental health issues can affect the concentration and motivation of students. A study by the Center for collegiate mental health reports that anxiety is the common problem seen in the majority of the students. Another study conducted by Changwon Son on the effects of COVID-19 on the mental health of 195 students in the USA. The results show that of 195 students, about 71 percent showed signs of stress and anxiety due to the pandemic. The factors that emerged out for contributing to their mental health decline were disruption in sleep pattern, decrease in social interaction, a concern of academic performance, etc. Reports of students who buy Modafinil at hometown pharmacy shows better and enhanced concentration. It is also effective in helping improve the memory of the students.

The above image is a visual representation of a study published by heliao and conducted by Wathelet on university students in France. This survey was done to study the impact of COVID-19 on the mental well-being of the students. The survey was carried out from April 17 2020 to May 4, 2020, based on online questionnaires. The result from the survey shows that 11.4 percent of the students suffered from suicidal thoughts, 22.4 percent of students had severe distress, about 16 percent of the students suffered from depression, and about 27 percent of students have anxiety issues. To combat such mental health conditions in students, most Psychiatrists and therapists advise students to buy Modafinil.

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The efficacy of Modafinil on the mental health condition

Modafinil is a nootropic that is known to work by acting on the brain of the person. It stimulates the secretion of dopamine and histamine that helps in improving the brain activity in people. Most physicians prescribe people to buy Modafinil for its fast-acting formulation that is proven to show results within thirty minutes of taking the dosage. With a long half-life, the use of Modafinil is known to have effects for 10 to 12 hours in people. In times of pandemic, people were seen to buy Modafinil for both its cognitive and off-label usage. Several studies indicate its higher potency in helping with depressive disorder compared to other medication making more people buy Modafinil.

The graph here is a comparative study of Modafinil and Placebo published by The American Journal of Psychiatry. The study was done on people with bipolar depression. It helps us get a better understanding of the potency of Modafinil on mental health disorders in people. The figure shows that patients given Modafinil dosage show better and improved results than those taking Placebo. So, the choice to buy Modafinil to elevate your mental health condition during the pandemic is scientifically accepted and prescribed by most doctors. People who wish to buy Modafinil can choose Hometown Pharmacy to do so. They provide great customer services and deals to all their customers.

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