Which Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Won’t Cost a Lot?


In the recent years, the cosmetic dentistry is quite in demand and more people are opting for it. Everyone wants to have a perfect set of teeth which is the main reason people are choosing Cosmetic Dental Procedures. According to a report, consumers spend over 1 billion dollars on different cosmetic procedures which is quite a huge number in its own.

Talking about the Cosmetic Dental Procedures, they can improve a person’s physical appearance to a drastic level. However, the majority of the people think that these procedures will cost a heavy load on their pockets but in the present day’s scenario, the case is different. It is true that some cosmetic dental procedures do involve some great financial investment, but the same is not applicable for each of the Cosmetic dental procedures.

keep smiling with cosmetic dental procedures

Here are the Top cosmetic dental procedures that won’t cost you a lot:

  1. Tooth Whitening

This treatment usually involves the use of a peroxide-based material to whiten the pale teeth. Before this treatment, the patient is advised to get all their cavities filled, and all gums must be in a healthy state. In most of the office systems, 35% hydrogen peroxide coupled with a high-intensity light can do wonders in whitening the teeth.

During the treatment, gums are kept protected, and gels are positioned on the teeth. Further, plasma or laser arc source of light helps to activate the peroxide for removal of strains on the tooth surface. With half an hour, after the treatment, noticeable results are visible as the teeth’s become 6 to 8 shades lighter.

  1. At-Home System Tooth Whitening

Various At-Home systems use 12 to 15% carbamide peroxide gels for oxidizing strains. In this procedure, the dentist takes impressions of the mouth based on which the soft mouth trays are made. The patient gets fitted with trays, and a thin ribbon of the gel is placed in the tray.

Most of the whitening by this method occurs in 2 to 3 weeks, and one can achieve between 11 to 15 shades whitening.

  1. Tooth Shaping

For those people who do not have perfect teeth and want to gets their teeth’s to be accurate, tooth shaping can be the ideal procedure for them. It is affordable and can fulfill the dream of having the ideal teeth. This process involves removing a small portion of the enamel of the teeth. It can be used for shortening long teeth, rounding off every pointed tooth and also enabling in a healthy smile following the contour of the lower lip.

This treatment is fast and easy and is usually completed in 30 minutes. In rare cases, some of the patients suffer from little sensitivity issues after their tooth shaping. However, it can be fixed by using a strength fluoride or any good quality desensitizers. This procedure involves absolutely no risk and will cost around $25 to $50 per tooth.

Hence, if you are looking to go for one of the above cosmetic dental procedures, better invest in a good  which will help you get the desired results and benefits you would have ever wanted from your first cosmetic dental treatment.

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