How to Cope from the Physical Side of Stress

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Stress is simply an expression of a body’s natural feeling to protect itself. Its consistent occurrence may alert us of an impending danger but if it gets prolonged, it can obviously affect an individual’s emotional and physical health. If you suffer physical stress a lot, Well Massive offers you workable tips on how to cope from the physical side of stress.

How Does Stress Affect a Woman’s Mind and Body?

Research has it that both men and women react the same way too stressful conditions but at the same time, there is still some difference in how they both react to stress. Whereas evidence to this claim are not too clear and some discoveries are at variance, some research suggests that women are more physically and emotionally sensitive to certain types of stress due to the differences in the brain.

As a result of this development, psychologists have called this situation ‘’tend and befriend’’ response. This is so because of the manner in which women tend to react to stress such as in moments of human connection. In this case, oxytocin, an anti-stress hormone produced by women during orgasm, child birth or even breast feeding is believed to be the reason why women are adaptive in protecting their offspring than fleeing from danger. Oxytocin relieves them the stress of having the feeling to show care.

Again, it is discovered that constant hugs from a partner can increase the intensity of oxytocin and seemingly reduce the level of blood pressure in women. In the same vein, a woman who gets a positive body contact with a partner before a stressful activity will likely experience a reduced stress. The result of this is that they show lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and lower heart beats.

How Does Stress Affect a Woman’s Health?

Most women face challenges a lot either from work, the society or in their homes and this has far reaching effect in increasing the amount of stress they experience. Though the stress may vary, depending on the type of woman and the type of activities she engages in; but the point is, if you have stress in your home, your work, your kids and other matters all at the same time, then, it’s a big issue.

Therefore, the effect of stress on a woman’s emotional and physical health can vary from back pain, headaches, stomach pains and even loss of hair.

As bad as this sound, this ugly situation can propel them to go for junk or comfort foods and this can practically upset your stomach such that you may not feel like eating any more food.

Below is a list of specific effects of stress commonly experienced by women:

Women who suffer stress encounter sleep problems. This is a bad development, considering the fact that a good night’s sleep can help ease stress.

Emotional and physical stress often leads to skin reactions such as breakouts and itchy rashes in some women.

At most times, women are seen complaining of difficulty in concentrating in their responsibilities due to physical and emotional stress. This can either happen at work or in your home and can be very devastating especially when it affects your job.

It can also lead to unstable emotional conditions. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if stress gets prolonged, it can obviously affect an individual’s emotional and physical health such as depression. It can keep you from being in an irritable mood to more serious mental issues.

One of the reasons why women are advised to avoid stress as at their possible best is because it reduces immune response in women especially. Stress, when it is a reoccurrence decimal, drastically reduces the ability to fight off diseases, whether it is minor or a severe condition.

Furthermore, it is needful to note that physical and emotional stress can adversely affect the entire cardiovascular system in a negative way. If you are fortunate enough not to get high blood pressure or stroke, physical stress can attract it.

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Well, we have taken some time to understand the concept of stress and how it tends to affect a woman’s total health, there is no doubt that there are corresponding solutions to this negative circumstance and tips to help in avoiding it.

How Can Women Lower Stress Levels?

It is recommended that women have a blend of cardio and weight bearing exercise for about five times each week, to help avoid osteoporosis and heart disease. Regular exercise really helps in promoting good self image which is needful in a woman’s mental health.

Eat Well

That you need to improve your diet does not necessarily mean that you should forego your normal intake of juice and totally avoid eating junk foods. The key is moderation. By eating well balanced diet, you can improve your well-being and mental health.

See your Doctor Every Year

Try to get a trash test in order to check for cervical cancer at least once in every three years, especially for ladies who are in their 20s. If you are sexually active and have a high tendency for STDs, get tested and don’t skip your yearly check up.

Embrace Birth Control

Research indicates that effective birth control practice avoids pregnancy when you’re not ready and helps to lower the risk of ovarian cancer as it in turn regulate your cycle.

Find Fun Ways to Relax

Join family and friends and other people you find fun to relax with and discover interesting activities to engage in. Other relaxation methods you can also enjoy include yoga, tai chi and deep meditation.

Concluding Words

Whenever you begin to feel weighed down with stress and its effects, it is seriously advised that you surf the internet for tips and guidelines on getting the problem solved or better still, talk to your doctor. It is equally possible to personally learn procedures and practice in avoiding mental and physical stress each time they build up.

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