4 Ways Drinking Contaminated Water Impacts Your Health

containment water impact health

Freshwater is the perfect drink for any situation. You just ran two miles?  Have some freshwater. You’re having a meal?  Pair it with some freshwater. You’re having a chat with your friends in the garden?  Have some freshwater. However, the great experience is primarily because the water is fresh and not contaminated.

Drinking contaminated water isn’t only uncomfortable and unpleasant in taste, but it’s also not good for your health.

That being said, the following are some ways drinking contaminated water could impact your health:

  1. Health Effects Of Microbes

Microbes refer to bacteria, parasites, viruses, and protozoa. Contaminated water could be filled with microbes, and consumption of such water could result in various bodily tissues. Many microbes can cause diseases and are referred to as pathogens. Pathogens, like microbes, work relatively quickly in the body and could have you seeking medical help within hours of drinking the contaminated water.

Most developing countries or poor countries have minimal access to fresh water and good water filtration systems, so they’re more likely to experience water contaminated with microbes. This, however, doesn’t mean that developed countries aren’t subject to water contamination by microbes. Developed countries, too, experience microbial contamination, particularly by giardia or cryptosporidium. Some examples of microbes that could be present in contaminated water are salmonella, E. coli, legionella, cryptosporidium, and many others.

Microbial contamination could result in severe dehydration and diarrhea. Some microbes contain some serious toxins and can cause severe illnesses. Microbes work immediately and unexpectedly and often cause painful or unpleasant health problems. To avoid this contamination, you could or any other similar website in order to start exercising good water filtration.

  1. Health Effects Of Chlorine And Other Chemicals

Analytical chemistry and toxicology have revealed that drinking water contaminated with chlorine or other chemicals could impact your health. Thus, it’s important that you engage in effective chlorine removal methods because drinking such contaminated water could cause numerous health problems.

Some of the health effects that may be caused by chlorine or chemical intake are lung irritation and slow damage to lungs, vomiting and chest pain due to increased chlorine levels, eye irritation, irritation of your upper respiratory tract, and many other effects. The continuation or endurance of such illnesses could be very damaging to your body.

Make sure your water is free from chlorine through various water filtration methods. These include point-of-entry or whole house filtration, shower filtration, and many other filtration methods.

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  1. Health Effects Of Heavy Metals

Sometimes, water could be contaminated by heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and many others. Drinking such water comes with its own set of health effects. Arsenic, for example, could be carried into one’s water supply through rain runoffs. Lead tends to enter one’s water supply through lead particles dissolved from fittings, old pipes, or other plumbing fixtures.

It’s evident that heavy metals could be present in your water supply system, and, thus, you could end up drinking contaminated water. Some health effects that may arise from ingesting arsenic-contaminated water are increased risk of cancer in the lung, bladders, or liver areas, fetal malformations, and it may also affect breast milk. Arsenic is considered to be highly damaging to your body, especially if it’s continually ingested due to poor water system management.

Lead-contaminated water could lead to a decrease in one’s IQ, decreased physical development, reduced fetal growth, problems surrounding reproduction, kidney illnesses, and many others. The removal of is very essential because, by doing this, you could help ensure that you’re avoiding various negative health effects. Be sure to verify any risk associated with lead in your water supply, install filtration systems, or install triple stage reverse osmosis systems within your water supply systems.

  1. Health Effects Of Radium

Although radium is also a chemical element, it has its own extensive health effects. Having radium in your drinking water should cause you great concern because the radiation could cause cancer. It could also cause various kidney issues and birth defects. Eventually, when radium decays in radon, this presents another drinking water contaminant.

High doses of radium or radon in drinking water could contribute to affected teeth, reduced growth of bones, anemia, or cataracts. Practice good filtration and continually check on the state of your water systems.

Final Thoughts

The health effects of contaminated water are definitely present, and such water could cause good levels of damage to your body. Be sure to avoid drinking contaminated water and engage in pure water creation and maintenance in your home. Also, remember to regularly check pipes and fittings. Always think about your health first, and then remember the unmatched taste and value that lies in fresh, clean water.

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