Easy Ways to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

comfortable shoes making

How many times have you felt uncomfortable in your best pair of shoes? High heels are known to be some of the most uncomfortable shoes for women. What can they do to make these types of shoes comfortable and bearable for their needs?

Some shoes could also be uncomfortable for men simply because they are not aware of the best ways to make these shoes comfortable. Well, for women who find shoes uncomfortable, are some of the options you can get. Other tips can make shoes comfortable for the wearer. We shall discuss these tips in this article.

How many times have you fallen for shoes with heels? How many times have you thought of giving up wearing them again? Well, many times. This need not be the case.

Here are ways to make shoes comfortable to wear:

1.     Moleskin

The moleskin canvas is a good option to help you solve the problem of uncomfortable shoes. This is how you do it: wear your shoes for some minutes, walk in them and identify areas of your feet that get irritated by the shoes at the end of the day. Depending on the height of the heels, cut, and model, shoes always put pressure on certain points of the foot. You can protect those areas of the feel locally. Cover the irritated parts of the feet with the moleskin to make the shoes comfortable.

2.     Shoe pads

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Your shoes could be too big. This means you will end up with irritation and blisters every time you wear these shoes. Your feet rub the insole more and more when the feet sweat. One of the best ways to avoid this irritation is by wearing anti-slip shoe pads. These boost the adhesion of your skin to the insole. If these are maintained in place, your feet will less likely be irritated and your shoes will be comfortable for you to wear.

3.     Talc and Ice

For the people who wear high-heeled shoes, one of the things that contribute to irritation is sweating. If you can overcome this problem, then for sure you will make the shoes comfortable. You can sprinkle your feet with talcum powder as a means of cleansing the shoes. This prevents the shoes from being uncomfortable. You can also put the shoes in the freezer after you slip a plastic bag full of water into the shoes. When this water in the plastic bag freezes it will stretch and in effect stretch the shoes and make them bigger and more comfortable.

4.     Choose shoes with laces or straps

It is easier to put on slip-on shoes and walk in them. However, these shoes are not comfortable and do not prevent injuries. For more comfort, it would be better to wear shoes with laces or straps. This is because these shoes can be firmly attached to the feet by tying the straps tightly. Shoes with a thicker sole are also to be encouraged. Strapped shoes hold the feet in place and therefore make them comfortable.

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