Collagen Powders vs. Pills: Which One Gives Better Results?


    The supplements industry has grown to become a billion dollar industry in an incredibly short time. Recent research shows that in just one year, a whopping 12 billion dollars is spent by Americans on purchasing supplements! If this is anything to go by, people all over the world seem to have discovered that there are invaluable benefits that come with taking supplements.

    When you are looking to grow long nails, lustrous hair and have glowing skin, there are many supplements that claim to be the best. However, it doesn’t take much to see why some stand out more than others. Collagen supplements have proven to show great results in both men and women. A big dilemma many faces though is how to take collagen in order to get better results.

    So, here as an in-depth comparison between collagen powders and pills and their results:

    Collagen Powders vs. pills: Differences

    Did you know that your own body produces its own collagen? In fact, collagen is responsible for holding you together—from your bones to your skin to your nails. That’s why it’s called the connective tissue. When you reach around the age of 25 years, there isn’t as much collagen being produced by your body. As a result, you may notice wrinkles forming on your face. To keep your skin tight and vibrant and stay healthy, you may want to start taking collagen as a daily supplement.

    So, what sets collagen powder apart from the rest?

    • Versatility

    Collagen powder is the most prominent way out of the many different ways you can ingest collagen. This is because you have the liberty of mixing it into your favorite drink—whether it is in your coffee, smoothie, yogurt, fruit juice, water and so on.

    • Ease of absorption

    It is white in color and dissolves easily in liquid. Many prefer taking collagen in powder form because it is easy for your body to digest. Collagen can be extracted in its raw form from pig skin, chicken, fish or cows. It is then taken through hydrolysis processing which results in hydrolyzed collagen powder, which is absorbed much faster.

    • Dosage

    Depending on your body’s needs, you can take one or two scoops of collagen powder and mix it with your drink. You can choose to sip on your drink slowly in the course of your day or take it all at a go. Just make sure that you take the drink you prepared within the same day.

    Collagen pills/capsules

    Collagen supplements also come in the form of pills or capsules. But what is it that’s inside the capsule? Well, it is simply, ordinary collagen powder, wrapped carefully inside gelatin packaging. If you find the taste of collagen powder repulsive, then maybe you should consider taking your supplements in the form of pills. Here’s are some distinct features about collagen pills.

    • Less preparation needed

    No stirring and shaking here, you just pop a couple of pills several times a day. Swallow the pills together with a glass of water and you are good to go. You may, however, need to take a lot of pills in one week in order to reach your required intake thresholds.

    • Absorption

    It takes so much longer for your body to absorb collagen pills. Your body will first have to break down the gelatin casing so as to reach the powder and turn it into its useful form. This means that it may take slightly longer for you to see results when taking pills compared to when you are taking collagen powder.

    • Dosage

    While you do not have to spend time mixing your collagen with any drink as is the case with the powders, many find it cumbersome to take the recommended six pills per day. If you do not mind and you’re able to look past the dosage, then you will love taking your collagen supplements as pills.

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    Is there a difference in results?

    Whether you are taking collagen pills or powder, you stand to reap the same benefits. You may, however, see faster results from collagen powder because of how easy it is digested.

    Note that not all collagen supplements are made the same. Some collagen supplements are flavored while others are grass-fed collagen or marine fed. These minor differences may also have an impact on the changes you see on your body. In the long run, it all narrows down to personal preferences