Do’s & Don’ts of Cleaning Invisalign Trays (As Recommended by Calgary’s Top Orthodontists)

Cleaning Invisalign Trays

When you first get your Invisalign aligners, one thing you need to learn is how to take care of them properly. These trays get replaced every few weeks, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to keep them in their top shape.

Without further ado, here are the basic do’s and don’ts of cleaning Invisalign trays you should follow, according to Calgary’s leading orthodontists!

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Do Clean your Aligners – and your Teeth – Every Morning

You’d be surprised at how badly your oral hygiene is impacted when you let the overnight bacteria build-up fester in your mouth – and the insides of your Invisalign aligners – which is why it’s vital that you brush your teeth and clean the trays first thing in the morning.

More importantly, be sure to do this before going to bed, as well!

Do Soak Them Once a Day

Soaking the Invisalign trays once a day is a must if you want to keep your Invisalign trays not only sanitized but smelling and looking their best, as well.

Let them soak for a half an hour, remove any excess plaque using a soft toothbrush, rinse the trays, and put them back in your mouth – that’s it.

Of course, be sure to use only Invisalign-approved cleaning products or dental cleaners.

Do Rinse the Aligners Every time You take them Out

It’s a simple, yet essential step in your Invisalign maintenance routine – giving your aligners a quick rinse whenever you remove them, to avoid plaque and dried-up saliva from building up and creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Anti-bacterial soap, cold water, and a soft-bristled toothbrush are your best bets in that regard.

Do Brush and Floss Before putting the trays back in

There’s no point in cleaning your Invisalign aligners if you’re going to put them on dirty teeth – not only does it defeat the purpose of cleaning but leads to more dental issues down the road, too.

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If your teeth are dirty, the aligners will only trap the bacteria and food particles inside, which will increase your risk of developing cavities and other dental problems.

DON’T Use Toothpaste to Brush Your Invisalign Trays

You’ll be advised to brush your aligners as a part of maintenance, and while you might instinctively reach for toothpaste, that’s generally a bad idea.

Most commercially available kinds of toothpaste are abrasive, which can cause micro-scratches in the aligner’s surface, leaving plenty of room for bacterial growth.

DON’T Use Mouthwash for Cleaning Your Aligners

Both the dye and the alcohol, two ingredients that are commonly found in most mouthwash formulas on the market, can be seriously harmful to your Invisalign aligners:

Dyes can lead to discoloration, while the alcohol can be damaging to the plastic.

DON’T Use Scented or Colored Soaps

Your Invisalign shouldn’t taste like almonds, lavender, or whatever other scented soap you have sitting in the bathroom:

It shouldn’t have a taste at all – that’s how you know you’re doing the cleaning part right.

Scented soaps are out of the question – and so are colored ones:

They could lead to discoloration, which, as you imagine, ruins the Invisalign’s see-through design.

Final Thoughts & Recommendations

Now that we’ve covered the basics of cleaning Invisalign trays, you’re ready to start your treatment off on the right foot!

If you have additional questions about your Invisalign aligners, the next step should be to book a free consultation with a Beacon Smiles Dental – they’re the leading experts for Invisalign treatments in Calgary, so you’ll surely get all your answers there!

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