Classic Physique is the new official IFBB division

IFBB who is always known to put the preference of athletes at the top priority has added classic physique as the newest division. This will be observed among the various sports discipline of IFBB.

The new division will commence since 2018 Arnold Classic Europe which will be held in Barcelona. It will also be added in the Junior world championship which will take place in Ecuador and Master world championships and world bodybuilding championship which will take place in Benidorm.

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The IFBB has also come up with new rules of this division, some of which are highlighted below –

  • Elimination Round: Qualifying round with 4 poses (Front double biceps, side chest, back double biceps and abdominals & thighs).
  • Round 1: Semifinals with 4 quarters turns and 7 mandatory poses (Front double biceps, side chest, back double biceps, abdominals & thighs abdominal, vacuum pose abdominals and classic pose at athlete choice).
  • Round 2: Finals with 4 quarters turns and 7 mandatory poses.
  • Round 3: Routine of free poses of 60 seconds.

The modality will have 3 categories by age and 9 categories based on height and/or age:

Junior (under 23 years old): 1 Open category

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-from 40 to 44 years old: 1 Open category
-from 45 to 49 years old: 1 Open category
-more than 50 years: 1 Open category


-to 168 cm:
-up to 171 cm:
-up to 175 cm:
-up to 180 cm:
-more than 180 cm:

The classic physique also has weight limits which are specified below –

  • The lower limit, for athletes under 168 cm, is +4 kilos, above the stature (in cm) minus the value “100”.
  • The upper limit, for athletes over 198 cm, is +17 kilos, above the stature (in cm) Minus the value “100”.

Also, an athlete must wear a single colored large swimsuit which will actually cover his buttocks. This garment is mostly used in all of the competitions of Arab federations and especially in the dynamic area of Persian Gulf.

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Classic Physique is the new official IFBB division 2
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Classic Physique is the new official IFBB division 3
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