How Bad Habits in Children are Affecting Their Growth?

How Bad Habits in Children are Affecting Their Growth?

Children are a gift of God. Yet, children are mischievous in their own ways. They are super cute, but sometimes, their habits tend to become too alarming which can affect their growth as well. There can be numerous bad habits that children may have and as a parent, you should be aware of them so that you can check those out. It is your responsibility to make sure that these bad habits are dealt with quickly because bad habits tend to die hard.

Here are a few of the bad habits of children that can affect their growth largely:

childrens bad habits
  • Sitting in a W posture – This is one of the most common bad habits of children and W sitting posture is never good for your child. He/she will sit on their buttocks with legs and knees bent in the shape of a W. Try and make your child sit in a proper sitting posture because it can lead to impairment in your child’s muscle growth. Future problems can lead to orthopedic issues too.

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  • Drinking soda – So, you thought a little sip of cola would be totally okay for your kid and just because it is a birthday party, he/she is allowed half a cup. But, that can become a habit like many other children. Soda is not only bad for children, but also for adults too. These have too much of sugar content and carbon dioxide. If you find him/her drinking soda, then make them understand what the problem will be in the future. Diabetes and obesity will not be far away if they drink soda.
  • Odd sleeping habits Children often want to sleep with their parents and after a week or so it becomes a habit. At first it may seem that the habit will go away, but it doesn’t. Children should have a proper sleeping time. They should not sleep according to your sleep timings. You may go to sleep after midnight, but your child should not. This may lead to insomnia in future for your child and that will have serious issues while growing up. Make sure you put your child to sleep just after he/she has dinner.
  • Biting nails – This is another common bad habit that is really hard to go away from children. Biting nails and swallowing them can lead to stomach aches and various digestive problems. This has a direct impact on their health and affects their growth as well. Moreover, if it continues when they become adults, it is a sign that they are short of confidence and always anxious. Educate your children about how nail biting can affect their health and how much dirt and dust their hands may have.
  • Playing with mobiles – It may seem that your child is very smart at a very young age that he/she is able to operate a mobile without anyone’s help. But, that is not actually a very smart thing to do. It makes a child lazy and staying at home would definitely hamper their growth. So, do ensure that he/she is involved in some kind of physical activity or sport so that they do not sit at home throughout the day playing games on the mobile. Let them know about the world that exists out of the mobile too.

So, if you see any of these bad habits in your child, do not scold or beat or threaten them in any way. There are kinder ways to get rid of bad habits and if you follow the solutions given above, then they would surely understand.