BREAKING : Chhavi Mittal has a baby boy

Chhavi Mittal has a baby boy

BREAKING : Chhavi Mittal has a baby boy

Finally, after 41 weeks of pregnancy Chhavi Mittal gave birth to a baby boy. We all have been through this pregnancy journey.

A journey which I have covered here at as well..Do look

BREAKING: Chhavi Mittal has a baby boy

Chhavi Mittal is one of the very few bloggers who updated her pregnancy journey on Instagram. She inspired other moms a lot and also shared her fitness journey during this time.

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But last some weeks, were difficult as the pregnancy was progressing but there was no sign of natural labor. The boy came to this earth on 13th May 2019. And they have named the boy as Arham Hussein. The name is quite significant and the name means merciful, kind and compassionate.

She announced the news of her baby boy on her Instagram account. And she was poured with lots of wishes and congratulatory messages.

Chhavi Mittal is already a mother of a 7-year-old girl.

BREAKING : Chhavi Mittal has a baby boy

Well, we wish the family all the best for their new member.

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