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How to Maintain Health for Better Performance On Screen – Better Health Tips?

Better Health Tips for Actors and You (Professional) Being an actor isn’t such an easy task. It can take a toll on your well-being because an actor has to portray different kind of roles. Some roles are physically...

Top 5 Bollywood Celebrities Diet Plans and Workout Routine

Bollywood Celebrities' Diet Plans - Introduction We are all fans of Bollywood, the biggest film industry in India. It succeeds in entertaining a million audiences in India and also other parts of the world by giving blockbusters almost...

Hollywood Celebrities who are Famous for their Workout Passion

Hollywood Celebrities were always considered to be fitness freak keeping in mind the physical fitness they maintains. Every time each one of them appears in new movie, they have their physique completely changed as per the requirements...

How Randy Jackson Lost 100 Pounds

American Idol Judge, Randy Jackson is one such celebrity who has struggled with heavy weight and defeated it by losing 100 pounds. This famous bassist and Grammy Awardee has experienced the height of obesity and then a...

Zarine Khan Weight Loss Tips and Diet Plan

When Zarine Khan entered Bollywood, her excessive weight became a hot topic of discussion among the industry people,  her critics and audience. But when the item song 'Character Dheela' from the movie 'Ready' was released, Zarine again...
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