How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Unromantic Partner [With Quotes]

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day

It is not easy for unromantic people to celebrate Valentine’s Day. After all, the holiday is supported to be a fun and festive day that celebrates the power of love. But it is not always easy for people to get excited about love on this day. That is why there are a few things you can do to celebrate this day without being overly romantic or sensual in some manner.

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Get to a Dance Party

Many Valentines Day concerts 2018 entail romantic ballads and love songs. But you can go to a dance party that plays techno or hip-hop beats with your partner if desired. This could entail plenty of fun dances and hard-hitting tunes without all the romantic stuff getting in the way of things. Take a look at how a dance party might entail something a little more fun without all those love songs getting in the way.

Head to a Single-Gender Party

You can get out to a men-only or women-only party if desired. This option among Valentines Day events 2018 is a fine way to have fun as you can enjoy some fun times with non-romantic friends. A party like this might include fine mixed drinks and some amusing dance events. Anything that gets the romantic load out of your head is always great. Besides, a single-gender party will give you and your partner a little bit of time off so the two of you can clear your minds.

Play Some Nasty Board Games

You can play some board games with your loved one on Valentine’s Day if desired. But you don’t have to go with just any old game like Risk or Monopoly or whatever else you have. You can play something a little dirtier like 5 Second Rule or Cards Against Humanity. Such games allow you and others to come up with funny ideas no matter how dirty or odd they might be. Being a little incorrect never hurt on Valentine’s Day. Some of these board games make for great Valentines Day gifts Amazon has available for sale right now.

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Go To Some Random Dining Spot

There’s no need to go to some extremely fancy or snobby restaurant for Valentine’s Day. If anything, the best places to go on Valentine Day are the ones that aren’t going to be crowded. Think about some of those fast casual spots in your local area. They might be more interesting because they offer some nice and carefully-made foods in environments that are not overly stressful or stuffy. Getting out to some place you and your loved one might enjoy eating at is always good for how it will not entail anything overly difficult to get into.

Send An Unromantic Valentine’s Card

The problem with many Valentine’s Day cards is that they contain lots of flowering language and fancy illustrations and all that. Give your special someone an unromantic card that shows you are thinking about that person but that you also have a good sense of humor about it.

Your unromantic card could say something like how you appreciate someone but you wish that person would stop hogging the covers on the bed or leaving the toilet seat up among other stuff. It could be something amusing and constructive without sounding overly needy. This can really take the load off when getting the big day going.

Bring the Whole Family

You don’t have to necessarily make Valentine’s Day an affair between you and your partner. You can get your family and that other person’s family together for the day if desired. Have everyone get to know each other, trade barbs and so forth. Having people from both sides of the family chat with one another and shoot the breeze is always a great idea. It shows that you are willing to have fun on this day and that you don’t care whatever someone might think about you in some way.

Stay In and Read

Sometimes a nice book is all one really needs for enjoying a fine evening. You can stay in with your special someone and just read books and talk about them. You don’t have to bring anything overly complicated or detailed. You just have to bring books that are fine and fun to read without being overly tough on one’s mind. You can talk with your partner about what you are reading too. You don’t have to get into anything overly complicated when reading something fun or worthwhile.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be a pressure-filled day where you have to absolutely fall in love with other people and treat them well. All of these ideas for an unromantic Valentine’s Day are great as you and your partner can have fun on this day without feeling lots of difficult pressure.

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