What is the Main Cause of Depression among Youth?

depression causes

Traveling through the phase of youth is a unique and crucial period of life. It’s the time where you can collect sweet memories for your entire life. Also, it is a stage where one will indulge in a lot of activities and face difficulties too for establishing a good career.

Therefore, depression is not a new term to link with youths. There are multiple reasons a youth can feel depressed, which can lead to severe suicidal thoughts. The pattern of depression attacking youths has increased so far in this modern era. Let’s look at some of the common reasons that can push youths into the pit of depression.

Let’s look at some of the common reasons that can push the youth into the pit of depression:

  • Academic Problems

Poor performance in academics is one reason that results in an increased level of excessive academic stress. The grading system, which prioritizes marks for overcoming each step of career stabilization, has made youths face high competency. As a result, the fear of getting unsuccessful preoccupies most youths’ minds, leading to depression.

  • Unsupportive Environment

Even the various life events and the environment that surrounds youths can induce depression in them. Stressful life events include conflicts in the family, breakups, loss of close relatives or loved ones, difficulty getting jobs, etc. Verbal bullying by others can also be one reason. Social isolation, lack of friends, and ignorance by others can make the person feel alone and enter into depression.

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  • Low Self Esteem

The main reason that leads to depression is low self-esteem. A lack of confidence in oneself characterizes the stage. Such youths perceive themselves as unlovable or physically incompetent in society. Youths who have low self-esteem may hide from situations and lack the confidence to prioritize their needs or put up their desires in front of others.

  • Negative Thought Patterns

Most depression cases are related to the quality of thoughts that one keeps in their mind. Youths who are always afraid something bad is going to happen or those with fear and sensitivity to getting rejected or failing at particular tasks develop depression in the further stages. These negative thought patterns can develop as a result of consistent failure and, hence, stop youths from gaining success.

  • Lifestyle

Social backgrounds and emotional thinking aren’t the only things that lead to depression; the adoption of an unhealthy lifestyle can provoke depression in the minds of healthy individuals, too. The youth stage is also characterized by the desire to try something new. Peer pressure or curiosity evokes youths’ minds to try addictive substances, such as alcohol, drugs, etc. These substances also affect the mood and become reason to welcome depression in youths. The condition worsens when a youth finds it difficult to get de-addicted from such substances.

Though depression in youths is a common problem, if untreated for a prolonged time, it may become much more severe. Therefore, it’s necessary to share your problems with a good friend or anyone close to you who can support you. Additionally, consulting a therapist on BetterHelp can help you move through these challenges in order to make sure you’re on the right track for the future!

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