Carcinogenic Foods you May be Consuming Regularly

Carcinogenic Foods you May be Consuming Regularly 1

Food is the fuel for our body which helps in its functioning, and it is one of the indispensable parts of life. Yet scarily, the wrong intake of food can affect us in the most devastating manner. There is a renewed sense of being aware of what kinds of food is good for us and what kinds are simply bad for us.

Some of the kinds of food that is harmful to us are carcinogenic foods which increase the risk of cancer. Before we delve deeper to know more about the various carcinogenic foods, we need first to understand what carcinogenic means.

What is Carcinogenic Food?

Carcinogenic Foods originate from carcinogens which are actually substances such as radiation or radionuclide. They include both radioactive as well as non-radioactive carcinogens which affect every individual in different ways. Some may become harmful while some may become harmless.

Carcinogens are divided into physical or chemical or biological. Examples of physical carcinogens are UV radiation, chemical carcinogens are asbestos, and biological carcinogens are types of bacteria.

Carcinogenic foods occur in different types of foods naturally or through processing and packaging. Unless we take care of the kinds of food that we intake, we are at high risk of falling prey to the negative impact of carcinogenic foods.

Carcinogenic Foods That Are Consumed Regularly

Some of the carcinogenic foods which we consume regularly without knowing its detrimental effects:

1) Processed Foods

Processed foods such as sausages, salami, pepperoni, bacon etc. are usually processed by curing, salting or smoking. They also contain many preservatives and chemicals which extends their shelf life.

2) Red Meat

Although rich in vitamin B, protein and iron, red meats such as pork, beef, mutton, veal, etc. are highly carcinogenic. It is best to switch to white meats and consume red meats occasionally.

3) Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol increases the risk of alcohol-related cancer.

4) Soda and Carbonated Beverages

These common drinks are filled with chemicals, dyes, and high-fructose corn syrup and have absolutely no nutritional value.

5) Hydrogenated Oils

The vegetable oils which we use for daily consumption are extracted by using chemicals and are added with unhealthy omega-6 fats. Together they make a lethal combination and affect the cell membrane of the body.

6) White Flour

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Refined white flour is stripped of its nutritional value and is further bleached to make it look pristinely white. High on carbs, they are best not consumed regularly.

7) Farmed Fish

To preserve and elongate the shelf life of farm fish, they are pumped with pesticides, antibiotics, and chemicals that are injurious to health.

8) Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is bleached to make them look sparkly white. Sugar helps cancer further multiply and wreck the health of the body.

9) Canned Food

Very convenient to use, canned food is filled with chemicals to further their shelf life. Canned tomatoes, in particular are dangerous as they become acidic over time. Canned foods are packed in thermal or plastic containers which are lined with bisphenol-A (BPA) which is very bad for the health.

10) Genetically Modified Foods

GMO foods are the latest fad in the food industry but its use and repercussions on the health of a person who consumes is debatable as these foods are genetically modified by adding chemicals, preservatives and insecticides etc.

Carcinogenic Foods and Heart Disease

The relationship between cancer and heart ailments is nothing new. Latest studies also reveal the connection between the substances which cause cancer usually to accompany and are aided by the substances which cause heart ailments.

Health Plan for Heart and Cancer

Chronic inflammatory diseases have been found to have links to cancer. Therefore, it makes sense to safeguard against both the diseases, instead of just one.

Health plans like heart and health insurance plans offer lump sum payment on diagnosis of either of these diseases apart from the other critical ailments.

The benefit payment does not depend on the medical expense or treatment bill. Instead, money is paid on a positive diagnosis. Thus, substituting your personal savings and income as well.

Prevention is Better, but Protection is Best

As the famous adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Therefore it is best to be careful while consuming foods that contain carcinogens. As is everything else in life, moderation is the keyword to keep in mind. Too much of anything is anyway destructive, and hence it is best to be careful when you consume carcinogenic foods.

Along with prevention, being prepared for the worst also makes sense. Since it is not easy to accumulate sufficient money to meet the cost of treatment for such diseases, insurance is more sensible and useful.

Carcinogenic foods and its damaging effects are unfortunately known to most of us these days. It is detrimental to us emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially. One of the best ways to deal with life and its vagaries are by securing for yourself a reliable health plan which will be there to support you if you become a victim of carcinogenic foods. With a good and comprehensive health care plan by your side, you will be able to take on any setback by its horns and not let it cause your finances to deplete.

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