Why Do Americans Buy Canadian Insulin?

Insulin from Canada - why do americans buy canadian insulin

Medications prices in the USA are a topic wildly discussed among Americans nowadays. Many people out there noticed a significant rise in medication costs, especially when it comes to . People with diabetes are devastated because it’s getting harder and harder to provide themselves with all needed drugs at affordable for an average citizen price.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem – import drugs. Speaking in more detail, insulin is produced in and delivered from Canada. If you are among those who were not aware of this possibility, keep reading – you will find some interesting information on this topic here!

Price – the main reason to buy insulin from Canada

Most people, who live with such a debilitating disease as diabetes, require on a daily basis (sometimes, twice a day). This lifesaving drug should always be present in their homes for personal use, so individuals have no other option than agree on the costs and conditions provided by the government.

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And even though there are some cheaper alternatives (like insulin from charity organizations or occasional discounts), they are not always safe. And even now, there is a lot of confusion because people don’t understand why it is cheaper to order insulin abroad than to buy it in the USA. Here, we would like to tell you the most common reason for :

  • There are no generic versions of medications for blood sugar control, even the black market doesn’t have analogs of official antidiabetic insulin brands;
  • Only big companies can manufacture insulin because it is a patented drug;
  • Pharmaceutical research works conducted by the pharma companies’ employees should be paid well;
  • An overall monopoly of big manufacturers doesn’t allow the American government to lower the price in the country.

How can people buy insulin medications from Canada?

As you may have understood, American patients are actively looking for affordable remedies for diabetes management. This is the exact reason why Canadian pharmacies decided to go the extra mile and allow patients with a valid prescription to purchase enough insulin to satisfy their needs. It’s allowed only to individuals (not pharmacies or other businesses), so there is no such option as wholesale order.

If you don’t know how to find a reliable supplier, we would recommend checking out . After uploading a valid prescription from a doctor, it would be possible to purchase all needed medications that typically cost a fortune in your local pharmacy. Yes, the delivery may take a little longer, but the money saved on the drugs will surely be a great bonus.

The bottom line

Insulin prices in the USA are so high, Americans need to search for cheaper alternatives outside the country. Luckily, Canadian law allows selling medications to individuals, so high blood sugar may be controlled successfully with the help of foreign medicines. Of course, there’s still a variant to choose Walmart’s insulin option or assistance programs, but the quality of such products may not be very high, so it is better to be careful. Considering all the risks, Canadian online suppliers remain the best and safe choice for diabetics in the United States.

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