Can CBD Oil Help with Sleep?

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CBD is one of the main substances found in the Cannabis plant. Unlike THC, which produces euphoric high, CBD has no intoxicating effects. At the same time, it does seem to have certain mental benefits that go well beyond the mere enjoyment of an altered state. One of these is its ability to have better sleep (and better sleeping habits) in its users. Still, some people say that this is not true, so let’s examine the question: Can CBD oil help with sleep?

Why Do Some People Sleep Badly?

You’ve probably had those times in which you got a full night’s rest but still woke up feeling tired. This happens to most people on occasion, but some people develop a chronic problem. When it happens, it shows that your sleep was not restful enough to refresh your body and mind. There are different stages of sleep, and you have to reach deeper levels in order to get a good night’s rest.

The first two levels are considered “light sleep.” These normally don’t last very long and are merely a transitional phase between full wakefulness and full sleep. When we say “full sleep,” it should be understood that we mean REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. During this stage, the eyes move a lot, darting around in all directions. If you ever get the chance, open someone’s eyelid while they are sleeping, and you will see these rapid eye movements very clearly.

If you do not reach REM sleep, you will not get a deep and restful slumber. You also probably won’t dream, although that isn’t a sure thing. You will also be more likely to move around in your sleep. This is because the body paralyzes itself when it enters deep sleep, but not before.

Things That Can Prevent REM Sleep

Now that we understand the nature of this issue, we should look at the specific causes. There are a number of things that can prevent the body from entering REM sleep and resting properly. These things include:

1 Anxiety

2 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)



5Chronic pain

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6Nervous twitches

7Environmental factors

In addition to this, some people have a chronic condition that prevents them from entering REM sleep. This condition is called “REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder,” not surprisingly (RBD for short). Because they are never fully asleep, these people do not experience the temporary paralysis of deep sleep. As such, they tend to act out their dreams by flailing, punching/kicking, talking in their sleep, etc.

How CBD Oil Can Help

It is important that you understand the above section in order to understand what comes next. The most important point is this: Most sleep problems are caused by an inability to enter REM sleep. When we look at the list of things that can prevent REM sleep, it looks a lot like a list of the things that can be treated with CBD.

Let’s start with anxiety. Although it doesn’t give you a “high,” CBD does have a certain calming effect upon the human brain. Whether it’s mental or physical, most people report greater relaxation after using CBD. Studies have repeatedly shown that social/performance anxiety can be reduced with the use of CBD.

When it comes to PTSD, that is basically just an extreme kind of anxiety. As such, it isn’t surprising that CBD has been recommended for the treatment of PTSD. When people have experienced something horrible and traumatic, it can eat at their minds until it drives them crazy. While CBD certainly won’t make those issues go away, it certainly has been proven to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. With the depression issue, it is similar story.

Stimulants (like caffeine) are another thing that can keep you awake in spite of being tired. Needless to say, CBD is not like these. In fact, as a natural relaxant, CBD is almost like an anti-stimulant. When your brain is hopped up on something, a little CBD can help to bring it back down to normal.

Chronic pain and nervous twitches also make it much harder to sleep. Thankfully, can help with this as well. Hemp has been used for the treatment of pain for thousands of years and was probably one of the first plants used for this purpose. Rather than dulling the pain with a narcotic high (like most painkillers), CBD blocks certain receptors in the brain, limiting its ability to feel pain.


It seems that CBD oil is one of the best sleep remedies that we have ever seen. It treats virtually everything that causes non-restful sleep, making it a natural choice. Just remember that poor sleep is often caused by both physical and mental factors, so don’t neglect one for the other. If you have enjoyed this article, please feel free to click another one and keep learning.

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