Calorie Counting for Dummies

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Weight loss can be hectic and difficult. It’s not easy to identify a specific weight loss method that is meant to bear fruits. However, that doesn’t mean weight loss is impossible, with calculated diet intake one can easily attain the desired weight. This is because weight is mainly generated by the food you take. One time-tested effective weight loss method is counting calories with reduced food intake. Let’s look at calorie counting for dummies.

Counting Calories and Maintaining a Balanced Diet

When advised to count calories so as to reduce weight doesn’t mean you stuff yourself or you take an imbalanced diet. It simply means you keep in check the number of calories you take in every meal so as enhance the weight loss procedure. Moreover, you have to ensure the diet is balanced, that is it contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salt. Foods like carbohydrates that have high calories can be taken in very small amounts and foods with low calories like vitamins to be taken in high amount.

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HCG Diet Calorie Count for Weight Loss

Recently one effective method that has worked for a number of people is HCG diet. It involves injections of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone and following a specific strict diet leading to drastic weight loss of up to one pound a day. When undergoing HCG diet weight loss treatment, calories intake is strictly prohibited. One has to undergo a number of phases with strict guidelines so as to attain the desired results. According to Jessica Rogers from , consuming over 500 calories a day in phase 1 greatly decreases your chances for success. Losing weight under HCG diet is not easy but because it leads to drastic weight loss then it is worth the sacrifice.

How to Keep Calories Intake in Check

Calories intake highly determines if one is going to add weight or reduce it. If you keep calories intake in check then you can easily determine where you should make changes so as to effectively lose weight. To effectively count calories, you need meal plan with limited calories that you should stick to. Moreover, you need to read labels in case you purchase packed foods so as not to take a high amount of calories unknowingly. Get rid of junk food in the house to limit temptations of consuming them and replace them with healthier snacks. Often, exercise this is because exercise is an ultimate method of reducing calories present in the body.

Calories contribute highly to weight gain. The ultimate solution to weight loss is keeping the calories intake in check. Methods that have succeeded in the provision of weight loss remedy, highly recommend low calories intake as a definitive solution to weight loss. One of such successful method is HCG diet that restricts those who undertake it to take a specific diet that doesn’t exceed 500 calories in a day. More so, as you limit the calories intake ensure you eat a balanced diet because when losing weight, you don’t have to be unhealthy. In addition, consider exercising since it vastly helps in burning of calories in the body.

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