Bride with Tinted Chashma [A New Age Trend] by Sabyasachi

bride eye makeup - tinted sunglasses

The New Age Sabyasachi Bride wears Rose Tinted Chasma

When it comes to bridal wear then there is no one in the business as classy and trustworthy as Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Undoubtedly he is one of the most loved fashion designers when it comes to celeb weddings as well. And this time Sabya is back in the news because of his summer bridal look. Sabya is the one who has brought pastels and light colored hues back in fashion and these shades are giving a tough competition to red which was known as the bridal color. More and more brides these days are opting for light colored lehengas and these are mostly known as the summer wedding essentials. Yes, now there is a different outfit for summer weddings as well as winter weddings.

So, when we browse through the latest Instagram pictures of Sabya’s summer wedding which is shot in Udaipur Rasvilas, then the pictures are not only breathtaking but looks like fresh breathe of air. And the bride looks totally drool worthy with her cream and off white colored wedding attire and Nath and maang tikka. But what caught the eyes are the rose-tinted sunglasses. Is it a new eye makeup for Indian brides? They are not only apt for the summers but a perfect way to badass a chick bride. And no wonder since they are rose-tinted, they are girly as well.

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The collection is a part of Fiza collection which forms a part of Sabya’s spring-summer 2019 collection. This beautiful photographs of modern summer bride are captured by Errikos Andreou and feature famous models like Eugeniya Belousova, Archana Akil Kumar and Priyadarshini Chatterjee.

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