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Morning People have lower breast cancer risk

Studies have pointed out that people who have a morning preference are known to have a protective shield against breast cancer. This research has been published in the BMJ paper. They used the data bank from 1,80,216 from UK Biobank 228951 women from breast cancer association consortium.

They pointed out that there is sufficient evidence which shows that there is enough evidence which points out that people who have the habit of waking up early has lower chances of breast cancer. Similarly, people who sleep more than 7-8 hours every night are known to have an adverse effect on breast cancer.

There are various risk factors associated with breast cancer. Some of them are – wrong BMI, alcohol consumption and excessive smoking.

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Breast cancer actually begins with breast tissues. It starts when a person has an abnormal growth in the breast tissues and it grows and spreads to all parts of the body. In 2016, as per the National cancer institute, 3.5 million women were living with breast cancer in the United States. NCI also mentioned that in the US at least 13% of women have been diagnosed with breast cancer at some or other point in their lives.

It was seen that women who have a morning preference have a 1% lower risk of breast cancer as compared to women who have an evening preference.

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