Boney Kapoor amazing weight loss transformation

Boney Kapoor amazing weight loss transformation

Jhanvi Kapoor recently shared an Instagram post where she couldn’t stop raving about her dad’s weight loss journey.

Boney Kapoor weight loss journey – he has lost 12 Kg recently and his story is an amazing source of inspiration for everyone all around the globe. Jhanvi who is herself known to be quite regular at the gym and even she is a very pro with her workouts and diets. And the family recently went through an emotional crisis when Jhanvi and Khushi lost their mother in a sudden set of events.

Since then, Boney Kapoor was extremely sad about his wife’s departure and thus he narrated his ordeal in various ways. And now it seems that there is some good news coming through the senior actor. His daughter proudly posted on Instagram sharing that her papa has lost 12 Kg.

BREAKING : Boney Kapoor amazing weight loss transformation
BREAKING : Boney Kapoor amazing weight loss transformation

Jhanvi wrote

“Papa lost 12 kgs!!! Slim, trim and healthy… So proud!!! #finally”

Boney’s Kapoor weight loss transformation is significant because losing weight at an elderly age is not easy. You will come across fitness savvy people like Narendra Modi and Milind Soman. But even the examples are also quite a few. So, let’s have a look at how Boney Kapoor lost weight.

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1. Yoga –

Yoga is one of the best weight loss exercises. There are a number of breathing exercises under yoga which ensures that your digestion is well aided. Also, these breathing exercises are quite simple and thus ensure weight loss. If done daily for 15-20 minutes then weight loss will be ensured.

2. Eat Right –

Digestion plays a very important role, especially in old age. Thus, make sure you consume lots of fruits and water. Also, light vegetables and low on species food are recommended during this time.

3. Unhealthy Habits –

Lack of proper sleep, drinking, smoking are some of the most unhealthy habits which add to the stress level in your body. And stress is one of the major cause of weight gain. Thus, include some healthy lifestyle practices so that you can have good body weight.

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