Bollywood Celebrity Best Hairstyles In Saree

Saree is a very common traditional attire worn by most of the Indian women in diverse regions of the country as it portrays the real Indian beauty of every resident of India. Whether it is a non-celebrity or celebrity, people look the prettiest in sarees and our Bollywood industry has proven it well enough. All the gorgeous actresses of Bollywood are mostly seen in their western attires but the moment they wear sarees, they just leave every person’s jaws wide open. Is the reason behind this the attire or something else? Any guesses? Sarees look pretty in a person only if the person acquires the apt hairstyle for it.

List of Beautiful Hairstyles on Saree

Today I am going to show you the pictures of some of the popular Bollywood celebrities’ hairstyles on saree:

Bollywood Celebrity Best Hairstyles In Saree 1

Kareen Kapoor Khan

This is one of the best hairstyles on saree for long hair adopted by most of the celebrities on casual occasions or parties. The simplicity of an Indian girl is revealed with this hairstyle.

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Bollywood Celebrity Best Hairstyles In Saree 2

Deepika Padukone

Deepika has always been a diva and cannot be neglected when we talk about hairstyle. She has been an actress who has tried almost all the hairstyles on herself and it won’t be a shock if I say that each and every hairstyle suits her personality well.

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Bollywood Celebrity Best Hairstyles In Saree 3

Priyanka Chopra

After looking at the above picture no one would doubt why she won the title of Miss World. Her hairstyle in saree is unique and attractive. She has placed all her hair strands on one side hence revealing all the jewellery that she is wearing.

Bollywood Celebrity Best Hairstyles In Saree 4

Sonam Kapoor

The Fashionista, Sonam Kapoor, can never make any mistake in terms of beauty or hairstyle. In the above picture she has just created an equal partition in the middle and curled them from the ends.

Bollywood Celebrity Best Hairstyles In Saree 5

Kangana Ranaut

This is one of the most prominent hairstyles on saree for medium hair. Straight hair strands left freely hanging in the air with a few strands parted sideways so that they fall on your hair and just create a magical look.

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Bollywood Celebrity Best Hairstyles In Saree 6

Gul Panag 

If you have short hair then this is a great hairstyle for short hair on saree. Just let your hair hang freely and curl them up a bit so that the quantity increases and gives you a classy Indian look.

Bollywood Celebrity Best Hairstyles In Saree 7

Yami Gautam

What are your views about this hairstyle? A simple and long side ponytail on a saree can highlight you well in the crowd.


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