Bodylastics 28 Pieces Band Set Review

Bodylastics 28 Piece Resistance Bands

Over a past few years, bodylastics has brought a revolutionary change in terms of undergoing fitness exercises at home. Here is discussed about one of the best product of bodylastics, which is now widely preferred by the fitness experts from all over the world.

If you really want a piece of equipment which would offer you with a better training alternative to gym equipments or heavy duty fitness equipments at your home, well bodylastics 28 piece resistance band is all you need. This piece of equipment is designed to provide you with same resistance level that you usually experience at the gym.

Bodylastics 28 Piece Resistance Bands

Buy Bodylastics 28 Piece Resistance Bands

Bodylastics 28 Piece Resistance Bands – Product Description

No matter if you are a beginner or some experienced professional, bodylastics 28 piece resistance bands are designed to offer maximum results to each and every one of you. If you are among those people, who usually lift heavy weights and that is the only reason you have to go to the gym every day. Well for you guys, bodylastics 28 piece bands is the most suitable product.

Although each if the bands in the gear are marked with a particular resistance level, but an all total of 328 pounds of resistance can be experienced once all the resistance bands are stacked together. Even if you are an experienced professional, the bodylastics bands will have enough to offer to you. So no need to worry about the resistance offered by the product. You just have to buy one for yourself and see the changes for yourself.

Bodylastics 28 Piece Resistance Bands

There are literally hundreds of exercises which you can easily perform with bodylastics 28 piece resistance bands. All those exercises that will help you to gain a toned body or bulk up figure just by over- viewing the manual provide along with the whole training set. Also, the gear comes with amazing workout DVD’s which will add on to your daily routine exercises.

Mention below are the pieces of equipments that you’ll get once you have bought the product for yourself:

  • 12 Anti Snap heavy duty Resistance Bands :
  • Yellow – 3 Ponds( 2 Pieces)
  • Green – 5 Pounds ( 2 Pieces)
  • Red – 8 Pounds ( 2 Pieces)
  • Blue – 13 pounds ( 2 Pieces)
  • Purple – 23 Pounds ( 2 Pieces)
  • Orange – 30 Pounds ( 2 Pieces)
  • Handles covered with foam – 4 Pieces
  • Ankle Straps – 6 Pieces
  • Door Anchors – 2 Pieces
  • Small Anchor – 1 Piece
  • Large Anchor – 1 Piece
  • 1 Storage Bag
  • A DVD

So practically there are lots of things which one can get at a very cheap rates. The diverse range of resistance provided by bodylastics 28 piece bands is what actually everyone needs. From 3 lbs to 30 lbs, all the variations are in the gear so no matter if you are a beginner or some experienced one, the bodylastics will surely come up to your expectations.

Pros :

  • One can stack up bands according to their resistance level requirements.
  • Altogether a huge resistance is offered by the product hence experienced professionals will not be disappointed by the product.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry and the variations in anchor size enables one to use it anywhere they want.


  • Aged persons might faced difficulties with the resistance offered by the bands.


Bodylastics 28 Piece Resistance Band is now widely preferred by the people as because of the variations of resistance level that the gear is enable to provide to the users. Again if anyone faces any difficulties regarding the use of the product one can consult with the brand without much effort.


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