Bodybuilder Kai Greene Says mental health is the key to his physical health

Bodybuilder Kai Greene Says mental health is the key to his physical health

Kai Greene is known to be different. The award-winning bodybuilder, actor, and artists want to motivate and share his secrets with his fans which are beyond bodybuilding.

The man shares

“My own personal success is largely empowered by being able to recognize how powerful my thoughts are,”.

“Thinking and acting and working in a specific way, you cannot only create the arms and the chest you want to build but, ultimately, you can create the life you want for yourself,”

“If you recognize the ability to control the ideas that you have in your head and focus on every day, therein lies the power to create and shape your own destiny.”

Greene who has more than five million followers on Instagram. The man was part of cult Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things in the year 2017. He has recently teamed up with Ryderwear for a limited edition shoe and gym wear.

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“It’s not something I could have imagined 20 years ago,”

“This is a tremendous opportunity and it’s been received so well.

“We’ve got some great new designs.”

The man is a three-time winner of the prestigious Arnold Classic Professional bodybuilding contest.

Greene became an enthusiastic bodybuilder after he competed in the National Physique Competition (NPC). And since then he has been aiming to move to IFBB. He was really keen on winning the 1999 NPC team universe but couldn’t. and thus he took a five-year-long break, prepped his body and came back. And he earned the top spot in 2004 NPC team universe and this gave him a ticket to become one of the IFBB professional bodybuilders.

Other than bodybuilding he also has other interest areas as well. He is passionate about art. He has also earned rave reviews about his incredible artwork. Last year his own comic book series was also released Chronicles of King Kai.

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