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Common Gym Injuries and How to Avoid Them

As common as workout injuries may be, everyone fears getting one, but there's no rule of thumb to avoid getting any. As the saying goes: no pain, no gain. You can't possibly avoid pain, but misunderstanding tendon...

5 Steps To Preventing CrossFit Injuries – Stay Safe!

CrossFit has exploded in popularity over the last several years. More people than ever are drawn to the unique blend of strength, cardio, and flexibility training offered by most CrossFit gyms. But CrossFit injuries are, unfortunately, quite common,...

Ranveer Singh Body Building – Diet, Workout, and Regime

Ranveer Singh, the young heartthrob of the Bollywood film industry, was recently the talk of the town because of his spectacular performance in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directed Padmaavat. He did an amazing job in portraying Alauddin...

Tiger Shroff Bodybuilding Tips – Diet Workout, and Regime

Tiger Shroff is one of the most recent sensations to join the Bollywood party of young actors with a lean physique and an amazing body. At 25 years, Tiger Shroff's body that remains a dream for most...

Angelina Jolie’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Angelina Jolie- the world knows her. The top most actress in Hollywood, she is known for her power packed performances, humanitarian work across the world, her marriage to one of the wealthiest and most celebrated Hollywood stars...
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Guide to Medical Care When You’re Not Working

Medical care is always going to be a concern, even if you don’t currently need any it’s always something that niggles away at the...

Premature Ejaculation – The Problem Men Don’t Talk About

Problem? What problem? Would your partner like sex to last longer? Do you really need to ask?

Tips for Choosing the Right Medicare Supplement Plan

For the most part, Medicare health coverage is sufficient. While this is true, it doesn’t cover everything. If you...

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