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When we think of a healthy lifestyle, we often think about diet and exercise. A good balance in this area, combined with good habits, can help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but there is a little more to it than that. 

When it comes to human health, there are three aspects that need to be addressed. They are spiritual, mental, and physical. Every aspect of a person needs to be fed and cared for every day. There are several ways to do this, and some things have a greater effect than others and even impact more than just one aspect of human health.

One of these is blogging. A new form of nearly public journaling, blogging can have some huge impacts on a healthy lifestyle. Of course, to get started blogging, one needs to choose and purchase a domain name, select a host, and design and set up a website.

However, with modern tools and easy-to-use templates, this is a simpler proposition than it ever has been. If you need help, there are a number of affordable services.


Once you have set up your blog, what now? Well, you need to create some content, and that will enable you to begin implementing blogging as a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Writing is Cathartic

Expressive writing is good for you. Studies show that this kind of writing, the kind often found on blogs, helps you vent, clear your mind, and even work through issues that you did not previously see solutions to. This type of writing will not only inspire you but help you clear your mind as well.

Why blog instead of just keeping a journal in a drawer? Well, there are others out there who may be going through the same thing you are or may just want to encourage you on your journey. This type of support for your writing can help you keep going even when things are difficult. This leads us to the next reason blogging is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Blogging Builds Community

The other way we need to be fed is socially. This feeds into both our mental and spiritual needs. Thanks to social media, blogging, and the internet we can develop some of these social interactions online. Often these online friendships can actually develop into physical ones.

Blogging helps in building this community because the foundation of the relationship is based on common ground, whether that is a reader who has discovered your blog or a fellow blogger who writes about the same things you do. This helps as you build a relationship with these people you have met online and discover other common interests and things you have in common.

The thing is, often blogging communities will share several demographics, like those who are passionate about diet and fitness, who are the same age, or at similar stages in life. The name and the tone of your blog can set these things and help you and others establish what your community is really about, and those who you would like to join you.

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These healthy friendships can be part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Accountability is Available

Accountability is often a part of a community. Whether that is holding your feet to the fire about hitting the gym or taking a run every morning or what you had to eat that day, being held accountable often is good for you. This means that not only do your lifestyle choices matter to you, but they also matter to others as well.

In a blogging community, accountability is not mandatory, but it is available if you build that kind of connection with someone in the group or even form an accountability group within the group. Helping each other build and maintain a healthy lifestyle is really beneficial to both of you, as there are times when everyone struggles with motivation.

Having a partner there to help can inspire you to keep going., and inspire others to do the same.

In many cases, blogs are even geared toward accountability. Readers are encouraged to share activity and health data through a number of apps like Strava or the Apple Watch. They can then see each other’s progress, encourage and coach when necessary, and cheer when things are going well.

Blogging Helps Develop Good Habits life

Guess what? Working out, meal planning so you can eat right, and other healthy lifestyle efforts are a part of habitual activity. This means you must develop good habits and shun bad ones. Well, blogging is also a habit.

It demands a commitment and works to become the best lifestyle blogger when you are dedicated to writing posts on a certain day and time, and you stick with that schedule.

You also need to make time to share your blogs, answer comments, and even just keep up with normal website maintenance. These are all habits. Those who have good habits in one area are also more likely to follow through in another. Between regular writing, posting, and keeping up with your audience, blogging helps you develop the best of habits.

A Healthy Brain Keeps Your Body Fit

Blogging is good for your brain. Writing is cathartic, yes, but the act of writing, formulating ideas, and expressing them in a coherent way is a good exercise for your brain as well. And a healthy brain will help keep your body fit as well.

It works like this. Your brain affects your eating habits, how effective exercise is, and your body overall. Your body, what you eat, and what you do, also affects your brain. The two impact each other, and both must be healthy for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Blogging can be a big part of a healthy lifestyle if you let it. While sitting at a computer typing might not be the best exercise, it is the best way to keep your mind active, build a community, find accountability and develop some good habits that carry over to other parts of your life.

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