Bikini Bodybuilder Shares her Struggle story

Bikini Bodybuilder Shares her Struggle story

Prerana Anchan recalls that 2018 was one of the most difficult years for her. She had aced her first bodybuilding bikini competition NABBA WFF at Chennai. She was looking for coaches to train her between the matches. And to her surprise, she was unable to find a decent coach for herself.

“I knocked on every door, but I was told I couldn’t compete after the weight I’d put on during my time off. As a result, I began to stress eat and that made matters only worse”.

The ace bodybuilder further added

“So I started to train myself. I worked on everything, from my diet to how to pose, for six months straight. After all, I knew my body best”.

Anchan won her pro card in February at Sheru Classic bodybuilding competition. She is the only one of two Indian bikini athletes to acquire this card. This enables her to compete at the international level with other international bodies.

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Also, she gets a chance to compete in the prestigious bikini Olympia which is organized by the international federation of bodybuilding and fitness. This event will take place in Las Vegas in September.

Anchan and Josan represent the next-gen females of India who are taking this bodybuilding game quite seriously. Here a female need to appear in bikini and four-inch custom made stilettos in order to showcase the super fit and toned body.

Here the focus is on developing well-rounded deltoid muscles, lats, glutes and much more. Posing, hair, color, and makeup are other important components of this competition.

“All you get is just 40 seconds to showcase years of your work,”

says 33-year-old Jason.

“Aside from lifting heavy weights and building muscles, it requires regimented dieting – from anywhere between 12 and 20 weeks depending on body fat – and practicing for days on end, so as to look natural, sexy and feminine on stage, even while you flex your muscles. Also, there are very few coaches in India who know how to train bikini athletes”.

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