Best Ways to Build a Healthy Company

Best Ways to Build a Healthy Company

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You can incrementally increase the health of your company lifestyle in small, simple steps. These adjustments can help you to set up a new lifestyle for you and your employees that improves your success and profitability, as well as the enjoyment and energy of your team.

Quality Health Insurance

Ensure that your employees have access to health insurance that works for them. If they are coming to work with major ailments that can’t be treated due to skyrocketing medical bills, you lose money as a company. You lose money when they aren’t able to do their job effectively and when they spread their illness and get other employees sick.

Ensure Building Efficiency

If you are literally building your company from the ground up, be sure to work with a licensed contractor. The experts at, who frequently lead contractors to success in passing their exams, say that these professionals can provide better work with less major errors.

Flaws during the construction of the business can lead to mold, faulty piping, and other issues that can affect the health of your employees. Poorly installed A/C and heating units can mean difficult summers and winters. Work with a qualified contractor for the best, most healthy workplace.

Offer Health Initiatives

Many companies have found success with extra fitness programs that employees can compete in for prizes. These include the highest step count on your phone or step counter device, or even participation in a fun run or charity run. In addition to fitness, you can promote health through company-wide initiative programs regarding food, illness, and stress.

Envision Health as a Team

Release a company cookbook. Write a wellness newsletter letting employees know about company resources for their health. Cater weekly meetings with healthy snack options. Hold a company-wide soccer game.

Whatever you choose to do, there are many ways to envision health with your team. Pro tip: your employees are likely to participate if they win some sort of honor or prize. Give away date night gift cards or an extra hour for lunch so that people want to compete.

Many of these activities also serve as a bonding exercise for your team. This can reduce stress in the workplace by making sure people are actively engaging with their coworkers in a meaningful way. It makes work feel more fulfilling when you are part of a team rather than working alone.

Make Healthy Foods Accessible

People spend much of their day in the office. This means that if the only snack options across the street are fast food, and the vending machines are full of soda and chips, they are forced to bring a healthy option from home or eat unhealthy foods that will only make them feel sluggish.

Make health easier by stocking healthier snacks in the vending machines. Granola bars and high-fiber crackers can be the perfect snack on a busy day. If everyone is interested, offer to order catered or take out food from a healthier restaurant on some days. Everyone can chip in instead of going out to eat or bringing something from home. Get salads, rice bowls, or other nutritious catered options.

Get Employees to Be Active

Accessibility isn’t just about food. Allow your employees the option of sitting on exercise balls or even standing at their desk while they work. This means that they can get a little extra work in on their muscles rather than sit stationary all day. Getting them to be active keeps the energy up and helps employees stay focused.

The Bottom Line

There are several ways to keep a healthy workplace as you begin to build your company. Some of these methods begin from the ground up with the construction of the building. Others, like adding exercise balls or standing desks, can be implemented later, slowly, over time.

However you choose to help your team stay healthy, it is a profitable decision that can benefit your success in a major way. Energized, focused employees mean effective, efficient work. This can only happen when they are healthy mentally and physically.