Best Sleep Tips for Diabetics

sleep tips for diabetics

According to research, there is a strong connection between sleep issues and diabetes. Many diabetics suffer from sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep can increase the risk of developing diabetes and worsen the symptoms of this condition if you are already dealing with it. The reason is simple – sleep influences our sugar levels.

If you don’t rest properly during the night, your blood sugar levels will be affected, and in turn, affect your sleep. If they are high, you will have hard time getting enough good night’s rest as they will make it less comfortable for you to rest. You may feel irritable or too warm because of them.

Diabetes is a common disease, and more than 30 million Americans suffer from it. Bodies of people who have this disease are not able to produce insulin and respond to it properly, and as a result, these people have high levels of sugar in their urine and blood. Even more people in the United States have pre diabetes. It is a condition that, if it is left untreated, will develop into diabetes within the next few years.

If you notice the signs of this disease, you should be aware that it is your wake-up call and a chance to do something about it. For example, you should start eating healthy food and exercise more. It is also advisable to reduce your weight to a normal level. Prediabetes usually doesn’t have any symptoms; some people can notice the darkened skin on their elbows, neck, knees, and armpits. If you think that you are at risk of developing diabetes, you should visit a doctor and ask for a blood glucose screening.

If you already have diabetes, you need to do everything you can to ensure you get enough rest at night. The lack of sleep can worsen the symptoms of diabetes, and that’s why poor sleep shouldn’t be an option. Getting enough rest during the night should be your top priority.

Sleep Enough at Night

It is crucial to be aware that there is a strong link between diabetes and poor sleep. According to research, people who sleep 5 hours a night or less are at risk of developing diabetes at some point. Short sleepers also have a lower glucose intolerance than average, even if they have never shown the signs of diabetes before. The lack of rest also affects insulin resistance, and as a result, the body is not able to adequately respond to insulin. If you already have this disease and sleep less than 5 hours, your symptoms will worsen. You should always strive to get at least 7 hours of quality rest at night.

Create a Dark Bedroom Environment

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If you want to increase the chances of getting enough rest, you should sleep in a dark environment. It is the best idea to pull some shades to darken things. If the light comes in your bedroom through windows, you can wake up before you had a chance to get as much rest as you needed. If it is not an option, you can always wear an eye mask.

Get a Comfortable Bed and Mattress

Another thing that you can do is to get a new mattress that is perfect for diabetics. Many models are available on the market that will suit you perfectly, such as , Bear Mattress, and Tomorrow Sleep Mattress. They are soft enough to be very comfortable, but still, provide the kind of support that you need. You should also consider getting an adjustable bed as it can provide relief from some of the symptoms of diabetes, such as poor circulation. A warm blanket is also an excellent solution if you have this disease.

Reduce the Noise Level

When it comes to noise, people have different habits. Some of them can be easily annoyed by it, while others don’t feel comfortable when their bedroom is too quiet. It is up to you to determine the right level of noise. If you don’t like it, you should consider using earplugs. That way, the sounds won’t wake you up at night. In case you don’t like silence, you can listen to relaxing music, such as the sound of ocean waves. It will relax you, and you will fall asleep quickly.

Adjust the Temperature

The same applies as with the noise – preferences vary from person to person. You should determine the right temperature for you, and adjust your covers, blanket, and clothing to reach it. However, it is the best idea to sleep in a cool bedroom. Also, keep in mind that your bedroom should be well ventilated. Open your windows a bit to let the fresh air in an hour or two before going to bed.

Follow a Bedtime Routine

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a good sleep schedule, and as a result, they don’t get enough rest. If you want to improve the sleep quality, it is crucial to wake up and go to bed at roughly the same time every day. Thanks to this schedule, you will help your body follow biological rhythms. People are creatures of habit, and if you establish a sleep routine, your body will learn how to recognize it and stick with it, thus allowing you to get enough rest.

Keep Your Glucose Levels in Check 

As a diabetic, you probably already know that high glucose levels can contribute to frequent urination, feeling of thirst and hunger, headaches, and often awakenings at night. If you want to avoid these things, it is essential to keep your blood glucose levels under control. It would be the best solution to consult your doctor and ask to adjust your medication and food.

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