Best Ketogenic Diet Plan for Effective Weight Loss

Best Ketogenic Diet Plan for Effective Weight Loss 5

I’m sure most of you must be unaware of the term ‘keto.’ All of you must have heard about diet but after reading the topic you must be wondering what is it? Human beings barely know the importance of these tiny molecules in our body. Yes, you heard it right. Ketos are very minute molecules present in our body that are produced when there is very little ratio of carbohydrates present in our body. These usually burn the fat molecules in order to produce energy and ensure perfect blood supply throughout our veins.

If you are bulgy and feel that it is high time to get rid of unwanted fat, you must definitely go on a ketogenic diet as follows:


People make very common mistake of skipping their breakfast meals either due to late routine or work pressure. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hence all the eatables containing ketos must definitely be a part of your morning meal. Your breakfast can either include boiled eggs with milk or cornflakes in case you are a vegetarian. Milk contains fat that is good for our health and destroys all the unwanted fat present in our bodies.



Lunch should be light as compared to the breakfast but should satisfy our stomachs. So, one can consume lean meat like chicken or mutton with yogurt and brown rice for lunch. Besides this, you can include a green vegetable salad to add on the taste. Vegetarians can go for dal and brown rice. Such light breakfast fills our empty stomachs without contributing towards excessive weight.

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The evening is time when our taste buds compel us to eat junk food like pizza, burger, momo, chips, etc that add on to our body weight in a tremendous amount. But if I say that you can eat a bar of chocolate for your own benefit what will be your reaction? Obviously, you’ll be content as nothing can make your day better than chocolate. But remember to only consume dark chocolates as they burn harmful fat from your body and contain a negligible amount of cholesterol.


Dinner should be the healthiest and the lightest meal of your day as at night our body’s digestive system is weak and it takes a lot of time to digest food. Just make your dinner perfect with a bowl of soup along with a salad. It will not only make your night better but would also ensure effective weight loss.

So friends how effective did you find this ketogenic diet plan? Please share your views and personal experience below.

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