Best Hair Color for Women in 2020

Ashy Violet Hair Color

For hair colorists and trendsetters, anything can act as a source of inspiration. They tend to get inspired by everything from including gemstones to coffee shades or even tiger eyes. Some of the best shades of color for women in  2020 trends have been included in this article that is ideal for both brunettes and Blondes.

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Top Hair Color Trends for 2020

•    Chestnut – This is selection of the Tiger eye hair color combinations. The color reflects a multidimensional feature and a perfect blend of gold tint and Chestnut brown. When thinking of coloring your hair, you can also get started by simple high lights that can be extended to almost halfway length of the hair strands while creating an illusion factor with extra long hair strands.

•    Dirty Blonde – it’s a perfect combination of bright highlights and super bleached blonde hair shades. This is also one shade that earlier most women wanted to hide naturally. In 2018 this shades is also considered as best hues for hair color with a combination of dark and light shades of blonde. Ask your hair specialist to carefully make the selection of right Honey brown hair tones depending on your skin color.

•    Dishwater Blonde – The shade is more of brunette type but suitable for blondes as well. So if you are looking forward to trying out blonde hues for the first time then this is an ideal shade for you. So even if you are looking forward to growing your hair long and highlight then this is the best shade as it requires little maintenance and touch-ups.

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•    Top Gold Brown – This is one shade that has the power to warm up your feelings. One of the main benefits of this shade is that you always have an option to make the selection from multiple tones. It also blends in perfectly with the natural color of your hair. It offers long-lasting looks that do not need frequent touch-ups.

•    Cool Caramel – This is one of the best options for Honey Brown hair shade. It offers your hair with edgy and cool looks. The color is the best mix of brown and gold tones. So if you are the type of women who are having Olive tan skin texture then this is just the ideal choice for you. The long bob and the color are also very easy to maintain and you may not have to visit the salon regularly.

•    Ashy Violet – This is color that offers you with UltraViolet tones. You can make the selection from amongst lavender and violet shades or a mix. It offers most amazing mix shades and tones that will blend perfectly with the color of your eyes.  To make it work perfectly your selection has to be made using best blending techniques available.

•     Bright Butterbeer – A good mix of Yellow, Auburn, and gold tints that offers your hair with entirely new looks. To make the selection more subtle you can select orange hues or shades of orange and Yellow. You may find the results simply outstanding.

Apart from this, your selection can also be made from amongst Mulled Wine tones that are considered as Hot trends. Some of the best shades also offer a perfect mix of cinnamon tones blended with an orange hue and red mix. The solutions simply sound very much delicious and remind of a huge hairstyle and open fire space.

The color was first introduced on Instagram and has managed to gain popularity in 2020. It is also considered as the best winter shades by most hairstylists and is in general prepared by mixing multiple tints together.

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