Best Bathroom Scale: Top 5 for 2019

Working hard to shed those extra kilos? If yes, then you would also need a help to let you keep track of your progress. You need a bathroom scale to help you. But, it is not easy to find an option that would keep up with your expectations.

Trying to get the best product in this competitive world is almost impossible, especially when you have innumerable choices. While searching for options, you would come across not less than a dozen options which are widely considered by weight loss professionals, medical experts, and everyday folks

With smart options ruling over the market, you would certainly not settle for old analog devices, but would like to get most recent digital machines that would give instant results without any mess. Of course, you have fantastic options.

We have tried our best to narrow down your search, and let you pick the most efficient and high-quality product for your needs.

Before we begin with the list, let’s consider a few factors which are actually desired in a good quality bathroom scale:

  • Carries the capacity that not only goes well with your lifestyle, but also your body type
  • Features incredibly advanced and sensitive measuring mechanism to let you have accurate measurements
  • Works fantastically well and looks great
  • Cashes on the advanced weight management technology and weight loss programs

Considering these important features, we have listed a few products that can go well with your expectations and ensure you are investing at the right place to help you reach the goal you have set for yourself.

Let’s begin with the list of top bathroom scales available to access:

  1. EatSmart GetFit

EatSmart GetFitBest Bathroom Scale: Top 5 for 2019 1

This GetFit bathroom scale is an incredible digital device with advance technology that gives accurate results with every use. In addition, it can also provide you vertical information about your body’s muscle mass and body water percentage, body fat and bone density percentage, which must be known to the users when on the weight loss spree. This data can let them know if they are actually losing weight or gaining fat.

Important features:

  • Scale turns on automatically with its patented “Step-On Power system” technology
  • No waiting, nothing, just climb and use it
  • Features auto-calibrating and self-correcting technology to give consistent data
  • Reveals important information like muscle mass, body fat, and water percentage
  • Can track this biological information for four users
  • Hundred percent trustworthy

What you may not like?

Some users find it at a little expensive side, but it is worth the money for the kind of features it offers.


  1. Omega Ultra Slim

Omega Ultra SlimBest Bathroom Scale: Top 5 for 2019 2

A lot of users find it extremely useful and helpful device for many good reasons. This ultra-slim bathroom scale uses digital technology and powers on instantly when you climb over it. Starts working without any delay and gives accurate weight measurement. Above all, it stands in the list as one of the few units that include high precision and extremely sensitive “G sensors”, which can manage the personality carrying even 400 pounds or 180 kilogram of weight. The accuracy rating may have difference of 0.002 pounds.

Important features:

  • This is the real star performer
  • Elegant, streamlined and clean design that goes well with your bathroom aesthetics
  • Available with the weight capacity of 400lb
  • The G sensors make it highly sensitive, up to .002lbs
  • Incredible energy efficient
  • Extremely easy to read LED display and oversized 3.5” screen are bonus points
  • Can provide up-to-date body information in any light condition
  • Uses four AAA batteries, which can last for up to two years
  • Make a wise investment

What you may not like?

Some users had issues regarding the accuracy of results as they felt that the weight fluctuated when they climbed onto it, and it was more when they stayed there for around 30 seconds.

This may be an issue of past, as manufacturer has taken every bit possible to address this concern. Maybe for this reason, new launches are garnering good words from the customers.


  1. GoWISE Ultra Slim

GoWISE Ultra SlimBest Bathroom Scale: Top 5 for 2019 3

This is an ultimate product designed to capture an important place in your bathroom. Ultra slim bathroom scale, the device has been developed using an extremely sensitive technology – bio impedance analysis – to accurately measure your body fat, muscle, bone, and water measurement as well as their percentages alongside proper weight management. The results are clearly visible on well-illuminated oversized LCD screen

Impressive features:

  • One of the most impressive products in the market that also looks great
  • Gives accurate results and almost instant readings every time
  • Display is see-from-any-angle type and extremely easy to read
  • Takes accurate measurements up to 400lbs
  • Has the ability to track biometric information for up to eight users
  • Offers a great device for users extremely serious about their weight loss program
  • Gives every information that a person should have about their body during their weight-loss program, thus helps them making right adjustment during their weight management program
  • Attractive and simple in design
  • Compact yet accurate bathroom scale

What you may not like?

Some users found that this product runs off the track often and displays error code, but then flashes the results as the user stays on the scale. The issue garnered the attention of manufacturer and they are also willing to give complete replacing to the users having this kind of headache.


  1. EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale


It is one of the most loved scale options for your bathroom that is equipped with cutting-edge technology in a clean sleek design. The scale comes featured with biometric sensors to let you have extremely accurate readings with .2 pounds difference. Measurements are displayed on its big 3.5” LCD display with stunning clarity.

Important features:

  • Accuracy results up to .002 pounds
  • Compact in size
  • Large clearly visible 3.5” LCD display
  • Lashed with biometric sensors
  • No need to wait to get the machine started as it comes calibrated. Just step onto it and it will reflect the measurements
  • Available with full warranty and superb customer support
  • Free body tape measurer

What you may not like?

It may be a difficult thing to power until “broken-in.” However, this should not be the deal-breaker.


  1. BalanceFrom High Accuracy Bathroom Scale

Use it and you would find it one of the most smartly designed bathroom scales ever. The good part is that it would look good with the aesthetics of your bathroom regardless of its design. Apart from good looks, it also gives good results with utmost accuracy. Results are great even for the individuals weighing 400 pounds. It has been designed to give instant measure of weight that you can view on the 4.3 inch bumper LCD screen.

Important features:

  • Extra large LCD readout makes it superior than others
  • Has good 400lb capacity
  • You get instant results due to its automatic power-on technology
  • Benefits you with the prolonged manufacturer warranty and guarantee
  • Extremely accurate scale that gives results in approx two seconds
  • Ensures hundred percent satisfaction guarantee, and you can return the product for any reason within two years of purchase, which gives you all the reasons to go for it now

What you may not like?

Durability has been questioned by some users, which manufacturer took seriously and changed the manufacturing process to fix the issue. If you are considering this aspect, you can rest assured with its 2-year satisfaction guarantee.


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