Benefits of Being a Self Employed Massage Therapist [Infographic]

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It’s Time To Start Working For Yourself [Infographic]

A massage therapy career isn’t the easiest one in the world. First of all, you need to complete your education and get your license; the whole process might take years. Secondly, it’s a physically and emotionally exhausting job that not everyone can handle. Sometimes massage therapists have to deal with people they don’t like or stand all day long without taking a break. That’s why a lot of masseuses quit their jobs after a few years of practice.

If you are also not satisfied with your job at the moment, there is good news – you can easily change the way your workday looks. There is no need to quit the therapy if you like what you are doing. To avoid professional burnout, you can start working for yourself. Check what the benefits of being self-employed massage therapists are:

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Flexible schedule

You are getting tired at the workplace because you don’t have control over your schedule. If you go self-employed, you will be able to work when it is comfortable for you. There is no need to work in the late evening or early in the morning if your body’s internal clock can’t tolerate it. That’s why having direct contact with your patients is a great idea. There are a lot of people who need a professional massage therapist, so finding your first clients won’t be a problem.


Self-employed massage therapists don’t need to share earned money with their managers, owners, accounters, etc. Working for yourself will allow you to set a price for your service and regulate it on your own.


Some people spend hours to get to their work every day. Massage therapists can accept their patients at home or rent a place in any district they like. If you have your own massage table and RV, you can even travel around the country and maintain your income.

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