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Beauty Hacks for Sexy Flawless Back

Flaunting sexy back has been a fashion trend from a very long time. In any wedding parties, casual parties or any kind of event, you will surely find ladies showing off their sexy backs in their backless dress, deep-cut back or bare-back choli. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a sexy back.

If you are also one among them, then these following beauty hacks will surely help you look sexier in a backless outfit:

  1. Cleanse your back with a nice brushing!

Grab your loofah or a brush with a handle which can reach your back and give a good cleanse. Brushing allows the clogged pores to get cleansed. It helps in getting rid of all the dirt, oil and pollutants that stick to your back and gets in your skin pores. If you have an acne problem on your back, you may also use an acne wash which contains benzoyl peroxide. Perform this cleaning technique thrice a week and you will be able to flaunt your sexy back soon.

However, if you are looking for some home remedies to clear out pores, then these recipes will surely:

So, take some of the aloe gel and massage it over your back using a brush. Let it rest for a while and wash off using cold water.

In order to apply it on your back, mash some tomatoes and make a paste. Apply it on your back with the help of a brush and let it rest for about 15 minutes. When done brush it off with some water.

For this treatment, you need to cook up a cup of oatmeal and add in some water. If you wish, you may also add in some honey! Apply it on your back using a brush and let it rest for 30 minutes. When it will soak up the dirt and oil, brush it off gently to clean out any excess! Wash your back with cold water.

Other than these home remedies ingredients like Tree Oil, Lavender, Lemon juice, mint, Garlic etc. also helps in cleansing back pores!

  1. Give a good scrubbing

After cleansing, the next thing you need to do is give your back a nice, gentle scrubbing. Brushing helps in removing the thick layer of oil and dirt on your back but its scrubbing which will remove the stubborn dirt particles. If you are planning on showing off your sexy back in a backless dress, then you definitely need to make it a routine to give your back a nice scrub. Try to scrub almost every alternate day. This routine helps in removing the blackheads and ugly spots from your back giving it a smooth, shiny look.

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Here are few homemade remedies you can use for scrubbing-

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  1. Moisturise to make your skin look supple

Just like your face, hands, and legs, your back also needs regular moisturizing after wash. So, don’t forget to moisturize your back after cleansing and scrubbing. Since washing your back may drain some moisture from your skin so you need to use some extra moisturizing agent.

You don’t need to go for some fancy moisturizing treatment for your back. Regular baby oil or body moisturizer will do the trick!

So, before leaving from the bath, massage your body with a nice moisturizer to give your skin the finishing shiny, healthy and supple look.

  1. Use sunscreen to avoid tanning

Your back will remain exposed in a backless dress so it will also be prone to tanning which is a complete no-no! So, if you are planning on wearing a beautiful backless dress on a bright day don’t forget to apply a nice coating of sunscreen on your back.

Here are few homemade sunscreen lotions you may try out –

There are many other natural ingredients which act as nice sunscreens such as Almond, Olive Oil, Soy Oil, Sea Emollient, Germ Oil etc.

  1. Go for a spa to give your back the finishing touch

You cannot complete a beauty regime for your back without visiting the spa. So, get yourself an appointment in a spa and go for relaxing massaging treatments, back-enhancing spa and more. Also, don’t forget to get your back waxed to avoid breakouts and give your back the nice smooth touch. If necessary, you may also seek help from a spa expert to know about special treatments for the back!

Some more tips to get a sexy back:

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