Viral – Barbie Doll Bodybuilder has an amazing physique

Barbie Doll Bodybuilding Competition

SHOCKING : Barbie Doll Bodybuilder has an amazing physique

Cheng Lu looks like a perfect doll faced cute girl who likes a barbie doll from any comic book. But in reality, this 21-year-old girl has stunned everyone with her amazing physique and body in China.

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The girl is just 5 feet 1 inch. Yes, you guessed it right. She is extremely petite. But the girl can squat lift up to 120 kilograms. And you will be amazed to know that it is twice more than her body weight.

This 21-year-old cute girl was born in Fushun and has amazed millions of web users with her super physique but cute doll-like face.

The lady is fondly known as “King Kong Barbie”. She is a regular with social media. And she broadcasts twice a day her workout sessions at Chinese video platforms including Kuaishou and Douyin.

Till date, she has gathered more than 3,00,000 followers on both the platforms. She has been live streaming her gym routine since last three months.

Every day thousands of people watch her doing squats, push-ups, and other exercises. And of course, there are some who are highly motivated by this petite girl. She is a resident of Fushun where people are normally shy. She loves wearing pink and dresses up in the normal “Kawaii” or “cute style”.

When she was in secondary school, then one of her classmates took her to a bodybuilding competition. And since then her life has completely changed. She recalls ‘I thought the women in the competition were very beautiful. They displayed a different sense of beauty and looked very healthy. That game left a deep impression on me.’

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Later when she went to college then she picked the major of bodybuilding one and a half year ago. She further added

‘Traditionally, Chinese people think women should look weak to be beautiful, but who says we can’t do things men can do, just like Mulan in the ancient times.’

But social media is a brutal place and you have to go through a number of trolls and bad words by people.

She recounts some of such experiences

‘Many people say they can’t understand me, they can’t understand why a young woman like me would want to look muscular. They even say I wouldn’t be able to find a husband in the future.

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‘But I think different people are exposed to different social networks, therefore we all have a different sense of beauty and value. 

‘I hope to achieve a healthy body and encourage people around me to do so too,’ 

Her current focus right now is on professional bodybuilding competitions. Her best results have been that she managed to secure fourth place at the Bodybuilding national championship held by China Body Building Association.

We wish all the best to this cute petite girl for her future endeavors.


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