Side Effects Of Sleeping On Bad Mattress

side effects of Bad Mattress

Waking up tired and drowsy is not really a good way to start a day. From headache to body ache, all of these can be the adverse effects of sleeping and bad mattress side effects. These are mainly the short term effects of poor sleep quality. But the worst case is, it can also create a long term effect in your life and that may include lowered immunity system, reduced weight, respiratory issues, low sleep quality, etc.

Wondering what can be the culprit? It is your mattress! Your mattress usually plays an important role in your life when you sleep on it. A too-firm, too old, or too-soft mattress can make you feel uncomfortable and prevent you from getting a sound sleep. Not just this, mattresses are not to be meant forever.

If you want to lead a healthy life then do not forget to change your mattresses every 5 years. This is because old mattresses may develop dents, unevenness, or other issues that are not really doing any favor to your health.

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In this article, we are about to explain some of the potential side effects of sleeping on a bad mattress-

  • Drowsiness- Low quality sleep will leave you grumpy and drowsy. If your mattress is uncomfortable then it is obvious that you will, not get a good sleep. Sleep deficiency can create a major impact on your life. It is absolutely normal if you feel drowsy in the afternoon and then in the late evening. Now if you want to get out of this situation, think about changing your mattress that is super comfortable for your sleep.
  • Back pain- Do you feel immense pain at your back after waking up in the morning? Even though there can be a lot of reasons that can cause back pain like an injury or other orthopedic conditions. However, back pain may also occur as a result of sleeping on a low-quality mattress with an unnatural posture which can be enough for twisting and injuring your back.  Getting a brand new comfortable mattress that provides a comparatively softer ergonomic support to your back can let you sleep peacefully with no injuries.
  • Obesity- Wondering how a bad mattress can lead you to obesity? Let’s suppose that you did not get enough sleep at night. Now, this can create a good amount of drowsiness and a lowered level of energy that is caused by sleep deprivation.  Sleep deprivation may lead you to feel hungry often and you end up with overeating and you probably know the consequences of eating excess- obesity. Typically, you should change your mattress if you cannot fall asleep in 30 minutes or even less.
  • Dust allergy- Usually older mattress has a higher amount of dust particles and dust mites in it. Now all of these dust and dust mites have high chances of creating irritation to your throat and lungs and this may ultimately result in throat or lung infection. It may also give rise to certain medical conditions like eczema or asthma. So if you feel that you are suffering from such respiratory issues then know that it is time to replace your mattress and pillows.
  • Weak immunity system– Are you likely to become sick more often than before? Are you not getting enough sleep? Long nights and low quality sleep can damage your immunity system and make you feel sick. You may experience fevers, common cold and you tend to develop a very weak immunity system. Keeping yourself protected against all these illnesses is not really possible. In order to avoid all of it, what you have to do is get a new mattress and get a night of refreshing sleep.
  • Weak heart condition- If you are not being able to have a sound sleep over the long term, then it can create a negative impact on your heart health. According to a report published by the European Heart Journal review, it is said that people who do not get a long sleep at night mostly end up developing heart diseases. Insufficient sleep can happen for a number of issues like bad mattresses, uncomfortable pillows. In this case, instead of compromising with your heart condition, purchase a new mattress that can change your life. Insufficient sleep is also associated with increased risk of stroke, high blood pressure.
  • Memory issues– Bad night sleep is associated with loss of memory. A healthy amount of sleep is generally associated with a good memory. If you find all your lovely memories fading out, then it is time to reconsider your sleepless nights and try a brand new mattress. Your sleep is very important for your body and brain.
  • Premature aging- Have you ever noticed a black half-moon shaped dark circle under your eyes? If you have long term sleep deprivation then you will find these black dark circles under your eyes. Deficiency of sleep plays an important role in creating dark circles under your eyes, so a long sleep on a comfortable mattress equals a healthy life.
  • Body pain- The last yet the significant symptom of an aging mattress can lead you to experience low back pain, stiffness or even painful muscles. If you push yourself too hard into such a situation, then you may end up with chronic pain or intense muscle injury. When a situation like this arises, it is time to find yourself a brand new mattress.

Which mattress should you choose?

Choosing a pitch-perfect mattress can be really difficult. But it is also very important to replace your old bad mattress with a new one. The market is currently over flooded with numerous options that provide various qualities of mattresses, but among all Flo mattress is such a brand that uses high-quality products. uses super responsive high resilient foam that is very responsive to pressure and super comfortable. Additionally, this mattress also has a 3D airflow technique that keeps the mattress ventilated and fresh. The manufacturer provides an Aloe vera and Cashmere infused reversible zipper cover that lets you lead a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

Flo mattress is not only available in standard sizes but customized sized mattresses are also available. The manufacturer is so confident about his product that he provides 10 years of warranty in his product and a hundred nights of trial. If customers are not satisfied with the product in these 100 days, you can get a full refund. Flo mattresses are available in two variants Ergo and Ortho mattresses that are targeted for people who love softer economic support and firmer economic support respectively.

So what are you thinking now? Hurry up! Buy mattress online at & get it delivered at your doorstep within a couple of days.  Happy sleeping!

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