Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

Athletes who do yoga

Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

Fitness is a top priority for all the athletes, be it any sport. There are a number of celebs who credits staying in shape and staying fit very important for their career and their well being as well.

Many celebs also went ahead and said that yoga is much much beneficial even beyond physical fitness. It has got to do with mental and overall well being of the person.

So, let’s have a look at some of the athletes from different fields who heavily rely on the power of yoga –

1. Sania Mirza –

Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

Ladies first, she is top on the list of tennis players who do yoga. Sania Mirza has time and again mentioned that she is a huge fan of yoga. She credits yoga for her overall well being. She recently delivered a baby boy and she maintains that yoga is what kept her moving through her prenatal times and also yoga helped her in shedding pregnancy weight.

2. Novak Djokovic –

Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

Novak, another name in the list of tennis players who do Yoga made a dramatic come back in mid-2018 and won several trophies in US open and Wimbledon Championship trophies. He quickly rose to number 1 spot and him credit veganism, yoga, and meditation for this improvement in his career and performance.

3. Shikhar Dhawan –

Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

Shikhar Dhawan is popular Indian cricketer who do Yoga, clean bowled by the benefits of yoga. He used to be of quick temperament but he found solace and peace in yoga and now he is a completely changed person.

4. Zaheer –

Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

Zaheer who is ex-famous cricketer who does Yoga of Indian team followed the footsteps of his inspiration Sachin Tendulkar and took to Yoga. In 2012, he used yoga to get rid of his shoulder injury and thus he is now a huge believer in the power of yoga.

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5. Sachin Tendulkar –

Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar is a huge fan of yoga. He used to always practice and preach yoga. He even used to take personal sessions from Late Guru Iyengar to bounce back from his injuries.

6. Ajinkya Rahane –

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Rahane is another Yoga enthusiast cricketer has also uploaded several images on his social networking sites where he has been wholeheartedly praising yoga.

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7. Umesh Yadav –

Umesh Yadav another famous cricketer says that for him yoga means addiction and thus yoga gives him strength, energy, and flexibility.

8. Justin Langer –

Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

Former Australian batsman and the current coach is a huge follower of Yoga, he is top in the list of Australian cricketers who do Yoga. He says that Yoga has kept him moving post-2004.

“Before the tour of India in 2004, Yoga was way down in my list of training priorities. But that’s all changed now. Seven weeks with Kate doing Yoga every day changed everything. It’s the first time I found a way of training I looked forward to, that I can enjoy while I am doing it… My motivation stayed high for seven weeks and at the end, I felt like a 21-year-old again. It was awesome.”

9. Bishan Singh Bedi –

Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

Bedi adopted the yoga way since his cricket days. He has been a huge follower of yoga and thus he is a huge believer of yoga even when he is 72 today.

“Yoga is universally beneficial for all humanity if indulged quietly.”

10. Mitchell Marsh –

Athletes who believe in the power of yoga

He was introduced to Yoga by one of his teammates and it helped him a lot in dealing with injuries.

Once in an interview, he said

“I actually started going with Cam Bancroft. I train with him every day at Western Australia, I wanted to do something with him during his time off – yoga has changed my life, really. It’s the best thing I’ve done. I think it has really helped me in my cricket and helped my ability to move on the field. Hopefully, I will keep getting better.”

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