Answers to All Your Questions for Tape-In Hair Extensions (The Ultimate Guide)

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Now you’re definitely not one of those celebs walking down the ramp but you definitely are one-of-a-kind and more than just a celeb from your perspective. Thanks to the ever-advancing hair beauty industry, we’ve been blessed with tape-in hair extensions that are quite fashionable these days.

But like any other fancy fashion add-on, there are a few concerns boggling over one’s mind; concerns that keep coming over in mind and confuse us about whether to buy tape-in hair extensions online or not. Yeah, we’ve got you covered in this regard. We’ve gathered the most authentic answers to questions that tape-in hair extension wannabes keep asking over and over again:

  • What’s the application process of tape-in hair extensions?
  • Do they come with a portable kit?
  • How to reinstall them? Could we really do that?
  • Are tape-in hair extensions washable?
  • Is it safe to use them?
  • How long do they survive?

The Application Process…

We rather recommend you not do it on your own or call a friend down the lane. A hair expert will do it right. But still, if you are one of those curious DIY women and prefer doing it at home, the below two methods would come in handy:

#1: The Traditional Double-Sided

Divide your hair into separate portions and remove the strip covers from the tape-in hair extension to expose its adhesive substance. Now press the adhesive side of the hair extension to your hair. Women having strong natural hair are recommended to apply this method.

#2: Single-Sided

Segregate a strip of your hair and remove the adhesive cover of only one hair extension strip. Now put it over your hair between a single tape and another single-sided tape without hair. This is the best method so far for women having thin hair, since it doesn’t exert too much weight to natural hair and scalp.

The Kit… It’s there!

The tape-in hair extensions do pack-in a portable kit and guide. This often comes in handy when your hair stylist lacks one.

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The reinstallation… Possible or not!

Now this one is a bit tricky! When it comes to reinstalling your tape-in hair extensions, you have to put in extra care due to their sensitivity issues that might damage your scalp too or the extensions their selves. We recommend you consult a hair expert for this job.

The Washing…

You’ve got to treat your tape-in hair extensions the way you do to your natural hair. They are hair after all that need your attention and care. You may wash them, blow-dry them or whatever related but to a limited extent. Too much of washing and drying damage them and make them look clumsy. After all, you wouldn’t want them to end up the very first week of use!

The Safety… Your First Preference!

To be really frank, they are safe to use and cause no damage to your natural hair or scalp, obviously if treated right. You shouldn’t consult just any ordinary hair stylist. A professional is recommended in this case. Your natural hair type is a big concern in this regard; the professional you consult is going to apply and re-apply your hair extension based upon the thickness and quality of your hair.

The Lifespan… How long do they really last?

They last up to 12 weeks. However, proper application and due care is a necessary condition if you want them to last to their fullest degree.

Tip of the day: Chemicals are a NO GO for tape-in hair extensions.

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