Indiana couple faces steroid charges

Indiana couple anabolic steroids

Indiana couple faces steroid charges

A hidden valley couple was found to be manufacturing and dealing with anabolic steroids. Police have charged Nicholas and Cori Gilbertson with seven counts of dealing and manufacturing steroids along with the possession of the legal drug.

During investigations, Nicholas opened up and said he thought he was doing a genuine service to the bodybuilding community by providing them with the correct and safe products.

Indiana couple faces steroid charges

The investigations actually began at Ohio. U.S customs and border patrol along with Homeland Security informed Indiana state police master trooper Chip Ayers that a package has been discovered which has been addressed to a home in Indiana.

They also informed that the packet contains chemical compounds normally associated with synthesis or manufacturing of steroid compounds.

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The Hamilton Country Drug Abuse Reduction Taskforce in involvement with other agencies conducted a “Controlled delivery” of the packet to find out the exact shipping address. The man said that the package was addressed to Nicholas who paid $100 so that the packet gets delivered to his home. He would then transfer the packages to his shared workplace.

Indiana couple faces steroid charges

Indiana Search police arranged for a search warrant for the couple’s home. Troopers found that there was a lab which was hidden behind a bookcase inside his house. The lab contained modified and close ventilation system which can be used for filtration of chemicals and powders.

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The investigation team also found out chemicals, packaging materials, capsule filler, solvents, glassware, empty gelatin capsules, commercial grade sales and shipping boxes, medicinal grade vials, and paperwork.

The couple was carrying out this steroid racket for a year and they were being paid in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in return of their services.

Troopers also informed that there were almost 1200 vials of a steroid compound and 25000 pills or capsules packaged for sale.

Judge Sally has set a bond for the couple worth $12,500 cash each and also additional $5,00,000 surety.



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