5 of the Best Complementary and Alternative Therapies

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Some people use complementary therapies alongside conventional medicine and alternative therapies in place of traditional medicine. People may turn to these treatments because they may have lost faith in conventional medicine, want a more personal and enhanced approach to their treatment, or find other therapies more compatible with their beliefs than conventional medicine.

Whatever the reason, some of these therapies have been practiced for thousands of years – a great representation of their effectiveness and popularity.

Here are 5 of the best complementary and alternative therapies:-


Acupuncture dates back thousands of years to Ancient China, where it was used as a healing technique. The therapy is based on the belief that everything in the universe gives off two types of opposing energies – Yin and Yang. The human body has pathways through which these energies run, and when the universal energies and body energies become imbalanced, the person will become sick.

Organs and bodily functions in the body’s energy network are thought to be linked to specific areas of the skin known as acupuncture points. During acupuncture, thin needles are inserted into the subcutaneous connective tissue at these points and are believed to balance the energy paths by stimulating them or slowing them down.

Acupuncture is used to treat a number of ailments such as arthritis, hypertension, depression, insomnia, weight problems, and sciatica.

Massage Therapy

It is known through historical documentation that Ancient civilizations in China, Japan, Egypt, and Greece all used massage as form of therapy for pain and illness and even gave their people lessons in the skills of the practice.

Massage is a treatment that uses the manual manipulation of body tissues to treat pain, stress, and anxiety. Varying degrees of pressure and different patterns of movement such as tapping, kneading, vibration, and stroking are used for different ailments. Different cultures worldwide may employ their own techniques, but all give similar end result – a feeling of calm and reduced pain. Look for services in your area, such as . You will find a therapist who offers treatments such as deep tissue massages, prenatal massage, and sports massage therapy.

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In the early 20th century, Mikao Usui founded a therapy known as Reiki. It is named after the Japanese for ‘universal life energy.’ Much like the theory of acupuncture, Reiki is based on the belief that energy runs through the world, maintaining and nourishing all living things. If the flow of energy is interrupted, then the balance of life is affected, and we become sick or experience anxiety. Reiki can balance the energy and help the body emotionally and spiritually.

During a reiki session, a practitioner will place their hands over the patient’s body in a sequence of positions and hold those positions for several minutes. When the therapist performs the Reiki, they do not massage or manipulate the body – the patient should feel no pain or discomfort. Many people report that they experience a feeling of heat or tingling when the therapist places their hands over their body. Some get a slight throbbing sensation, and most get a sense of complete relaxation.


The essential oils gathered from plants have been used to treat health conditions by people living in times as far back as the early 1900s. The practice of aromatherapy originated in Europe and is still prevalent across the world today.

Those who teach and practice aromatherapy believe that the essential oils from plants have chemical components that have specific therapeutic properties. Some oils have antioxidants properties or anti-fungal properties, while others are antiviral. The oils are administered to a patient either by making a topical skin treatment from it or using it as an inhalant. The oils can be used during a massage when the body will quickly absorb them.

It’s is believed that the smell of the essential oils can lift a person’s spirits and give them a feeling of happiness and contentment and make them feel energized as the essences align the flow of energy. The perfume of the oils stimulates the olfactory system and causes the brain to regulate heart rate, blood pressure, hormone balance, memory, and breathing.


Over two hundred years ago, a German called Samuel Hahnemann founded the practice of homeopathy – the second largest therapeutic system in use in the world. It is based on the theory that ‘like cures like,’ meaning that if a substance causes a symptom in a healthy person, giving the person a minimal amount of the same substance may cure the illness. In theory, the body’s normal self-regulatory and healing processes should be enhanced when given a dose of a homeopathic treatment made from plant, animal, or mineral products.

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