Getting an Alkaline Water Pitcher? Why it Might Be a Great Idea!

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If you have been studying alkaline water pitchers you are probably wondering what all of the fuss is. Why are they so popular? What makes them so special? Well, simply put, the reason they are so trendy nowadays is that they are extremely effective at increasing the minerals in your tap water. Naturally, this makes your water healthier to drink. Should you get an alkaline water pitcher? In order to answer that question, you first of all need to fully understand the characteristics of the best alkaline water pitchers.

Here are some tips to determine if this would be a good investment for your family:

You need to understand what alkaline water pitchers do to your tap water:

You need to have a basic understanding of what an alkaline water pitcher does to change your tap water. An alkaline pitcher will filter your water out and reduce the chlorine and other toxins that are normally found in it. A pitcher will also add alkaline mineral hydrates to the water as well. Normally, this is a very beautiful thing. However, in some cases, an alkaline water pitcher will not be very useful.

One classic example of this would be in homes that have hard water. The fact of the matter is, hard water already has plenty of mineral content in it, so an alkaline water pitcher would not be very effective in this case. If you have hard water, your best bet would be to get a water ionizer instead. This machine will convert the minerals in your hard water into mineral hydrates, making them safer for everyone to drink.

Be aware that alkaline water pitchers are excellent at filtering out harmful toxins in your water:

Under ordinary circumstances, there are a whole host of harmful toxins in regular tap water. Alkaline water filter pitchers do an excellent job of removing these toxins. Normally, such elements as cadmium, lead, arsenic, and copper are all present in ordinary drinking water. However, these alkaline water pitchers filter them out and replace them with alkaline mineral hydrates, which are much safer and healthier for you.

The fact that regular tap water has such harmful toxins in it should give you serious pause:

It is truly not a good thing that tap water has such high concentrations of lead, cadmium, arsenic, and copper. Even though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is doing their best to be a watchdog when it comes to these areas, they still have a long ways to go. One of the main reasons for this is because the heavy metals in some water supplies actually exceeded the allowed EPA amounts in a few locations.

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Moreover, individuals have performed studies on the link between these heavy metals in the water and health conditions such as heart disease and stroke and they have determined that even in the smallest of factors these metals have increased the likelihood of one of these maladies occurring to someone. The fact that these heavy metals can increase the stroke or heart attack in quantities far below the EPA maximum alone should be enough for someone to swear off tap water forever.

Alkaline water is the polar opposite of tap water:

Tap water might be terrible for you, but alkaline water is terribly good for you.  Some of the benefits of alkaline water would include such things as increasing our intake of oxygen and decreasing the buildup of acid in our body as well. This means that this water will be more freely able to detoxify the body and maintain stellar communication between the body’s cells. Alkaline water is able to do this much easier than regular tap water. Now that we have established purchasing an alkaline water filter is a good idea, here are some characteristics of the better alkaline water pitchers:

They are versatile:

The best alkaline water pitchers have the ability to filter out a variety of harmful materials. Their main goal is to make all of your tap water as safe as possible.

They add minerals you want to your drinking water:

Not only does the best alkaline water pitcher take out all of the bad elements, but they also add a tremendous amount of the good items as well. An alkaline water pitcher that is worth its salt will add vitamins such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium to your water. These antioxidants will not only keep you safe, but they will give you excellent antioxidants in order to fight off the potential for cancer.

As you can see, alkaline water pitchers promote good health for you and your family!

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