How Air Filters Can Keep You Healthy

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Originally designed to protect your furnace from dust and dirt particles, the furnace filter is one of the most important items to buy for your home furnace during the cold and winter months. The furnace filter is removable and is usually placed between the fan, motor and inner coils of your furnace.

By picking up dust and dirt particles that could get into the air and/or damage the components of your furnace, the filter is an extra added piece of protection to ensure that your furnace is functioning and properly heating your home with the purest air possible.

Furnace filters can be purchased online at places like, Discount Filters and There are a number of brand names which are rated and reviewed that will give you a picture of what consumers like best.

You will know where to buy furnace filters online by doing your research about furnace filters. Discover the costs of furnace filters and why these filters are so essential during the colder months of the year. The furnace filter will help to protect your furnace unit, while allowing your family’s home to be heated and working within its optimum level.

The furnace filter keeps the air flow within your furnace blowing as it should, without debris from dust and dirt particles blowing into the air that your family breathes in. These dirt and dust particles are dangerous for the health of your family as they can cause illness and diseases that are easily preventable with the usa of the furnace filter.

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You can also view the MERV or Minimum Efficiency Rating Value for each furnace filter. This rating lets you know the effectiveness of the air filter within your furnace. Designed in 1987 by Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning engineer experts the MERV scale rating will give you confidence that your furnace filter is helping to protect your family home furnace components as it should.

Alternatives to the furnace filter is the air conditioner filter which is used to help alleviate dust and dirt particles from your air conditioning unit.

This helps you to know that your air conditioner is free of these particles as your home is being cooled during the summer or warmer months. The air conditioner filters help protect your family from flying dust and dirt that can also damage the air conditioning unit.

As you begin to do your research before purchasing the furnace filter or the air conditioner filter, make sure and take into account the costs, ratings and/or reviews by consumers who have used the filters, the MERV rating, the effectiveness of the air filter, the durability of the filters and the ability to cool or heat your entire home.

Once you decide on the furnace filter or the alternative air conditioner filter, you can rest easier while knowing that your family is breathing in the purest air possible as your home is being either heated or cooled throughout the year. Knowing that these air filter are working as they should, will help you and your family get a good night’s sleep all year long.

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