Choosing an Aged Care Facility

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An aged care home is also commonly referred to as a nursing home. It is for older people who can no longer live in their current homes and need help with their everyday tasks. An aged care home provides services that help seniors improve their quality of life.

Expert caregivers and medical staff run an aged care facility. They provide comfort and support to their residents.

Good aged care or nursing home does not only provide basic care. The goal is to provide a community that can help enhance the lives of its residents. The nursing home should provide opportunities for residents to socialize and interact through recreational activities. More importantly, the aged care facility should be able to make the residents feel respected and cared for.

There are two types of aged care.

1. One is an assisted living facility. In this case, the elderly can still live independently. He/she only needs transportation services, light housekeeping, and nearby medical staff.

2. The second type is residential care. Here, the elder needs round the clock care and monitoring. Sample cases are those who are suffering from dementia or debilitating illnesses.

In Australia, the government also helps in funding nursing homes.

These are for older people who can no longer afford to take care of themselves. They may also no longer be a source of income to pay for an aged care facility. To be part of this program, the facilities should meet the standard requirements.

Benefits of Aged Care Facilities

There are situations wherein a family is no longer able to assist in the daily needs of their elders. They may be working and nobody is at home who can be with their older family members.

Hence, for such a scenario, an aged care Melbourne home facility may be the best option.

The main benefits of an aged care facility are as follows:

a   Assists in the day-to-day needs of residents

b  Gives the right care and attention to the seniors

c   Can give the proper and urgent medical help if needed.

d  Less stress for both children and parents/grandparents

e  Elderly can be part of a loving community

f  Elderly can interact with others of the same age

g Enhance and improve the lives of its residents

Facilities of Aged Care

Types of equipment used by Aged Care Home Facility

State-of-the-art equipment is a must for an aged care home facility.

An example of this is specialized bathroom aids like support rails and shower chairs.

Other examples are adjustable beds, pressure relief mattresses, and bed lifts.

Walking aids and wheelchairs are also needed. The facility should also be able to readily provide medical supplies. The staff should always be trained in using the equipment to best assist the residents.

Food in the Aged Care

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Nutrition is very important for residents. Seniors have special dietary requirements, most especially if they are sick or are dealing with certain diseases.

Hence, it would be ideal to have a nutritionist to help determine the right food to eat.

In turn, healthy meals can be provided for the residents.

Common Areas / Lounges

To meet the social needs of its residents, aged care facilities have common areas and lounges. This can be like living rooms or entertainment rooms. Residents can interact with each other. They can play board games.

The common area can also serve as a party place or venue to hold events.

The events can be birthday parties, concerts, or educational classes.

Group recreational activities are very important for the health and well-being of seniors. This helps form a special bond and create a sense of community and belongingness.

Well-trained Staff and Medical Practitioners

Because of the residents’ special needs, it is important to have expert and well-trained caregivers and medical practitioners. These include health professionals, such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and podiatrists.

They should be able to give high-quality for day-to-day needs. They should also know how to deal with emergencies that may arise. Knowing the expertise level of the staff can give peace of mind for both residents and their respective families.

Medical support and aid should be under the strict supervision of doctors. The residents should feel that their medical needs are well-taken care of by experts.

Factors in Choosing an Aged Care Facility

Choosing the right aged care facility is very important. If you are choosing a nursing home for your beloved elder, take time to thoroughly check your options. Research about the facilities you are considering. Check the background and expertise online. Look at reviews, if there are any.

Also, take the time to visit the aged care facilities. Check each place. Does it have the right facilities to aid the special needs of your parents or grandparent? See if the place looks comfortable and well-designed for elderly people in mind.

Talk to the staff. Know their background.

a. Are the caregivers expert in their fields?

b. Are there doctors who can supervise, most especially for urgent medical needs?

c.  Look for people who may have relatives there as residents. Interview them and know the level of care and professionalism of the aged care facility.

Other considerations are costs and the distance to your residence.

After doing all these, trim down your options. Select the final aged care facility that you or your elderly loved one you will be most comfortable in.

If you are interested to know more about aged care home care, talk to us at HomeStyle Aged Care. Our friendly and expert team of caregivers will be glad to sit down with you.

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