What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Kratom Powder

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Kratom is a plant, derived from Southeast Asia, that is currently available for consumption for its numerous medical benefits. It is available in powder, capsule and liquid form, though the powder form is ideal for new and old users alike as the doses can be measured to the user’s preference and the powder can be consumed with food and liquids to make it tastier. Kratom has become especially popular for its properties as an analgesic, although people have been known to use it to treat everything from insomnia to diabetes. With more and more people choosing a Kratom lifestyle.

Get a brief list of some of the various advantages and disadvantages that you may face when using Kratom powder:


Aids in Battling Addiction

Kratom has been used for many years, centuries even in its native countries, for its effects that mimic the effect of opiates without getting the user addicted. In fact, rumor has it that Thailand, one of the origin countries of Kratom banned the substance in 1943 as it was found to be an effective substitute for opium which negatively affected the demand for opium, the supply of which was controlled by the government. Kratom can help recovering addicts to manage the symptoms of withdrawal, from seizures to physical irritations and pains, and, since it often mimics the effects of the substance users are intending to quit, it can help them stay away from the harder substances [1].

Helps in Pain Relief

For people suffering from chronic pains, joint inflammation and other kinds of painful ailments, Kratom has proven to be extremely effective in giving them second chance at life. Many people, previously suffering from unbearable pain, found the pains much more manageable with use of certain strains of Kratom that are exceptionally potent as analgesics. This made it possible for them to perform day to day functions with ease and minimal pain.  It is always better to buy Kratom from the reliable where you can procure quality Kratom as such it helps to relieve from pain relief with no side effects. With that said, you can get a premium quality Kratom from

Can Treat Depression And Anxiety

Some strains of Kratom are specifically designed to uplift the mood of the user and fill them with a sense of euphoria or a sense of calmness and relaxation. These strains are ideal for treating people with depression or severe anxiety. Kratom can also help regulate the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain that further adds to enhanced feelings of joy and can even help one to better focus on tasks at hand [2].

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Kratom Reacts With Other Substances

Even though Kratom on its own can help many people suffering from various ailments to get by, Kratom is not intended for unprescribed and unsupervised use. This is because one of the main chemical components of Kratom, Mitragynine, has been known to react with other substances, Studies have shown that taking Kratom with certain other prescribed or over the counter medications could result in seizures, and taking Kratom with other harder drugs and alcohol has, in 44 cases, resulted in death. Kratom can also react with medications you have been taking to treat other ailments, so make sure to check with your doctor before taking Kratom.

Side Effects Of Kratom

Another reason why it is so important to take Kratom only with the supervision and prescribed doses set by a doctor or medical health care professional who is experienced in the use of Kratom, is that Kratom, in moderate and high doses (and even low doses are taken too frequently), can have pretty severe side effects, High doses of Kratom can lead to nausea, itching, sweating and pupil sensitivity. When mixed with other substances even in small amounts, excessive Kratom use can lead to overdoses [3].

Potential For Abuse

Despite the fact that Kratom does not, as far as research has shown so far, have addictive chemical properties, there is still the potential for abuse of this substance for its many effects. Kratom acts as everything from a sedative to a digestive making it essential for many people to have on a regular basis. But the doses must be carefully measured and only consumed at predetermined specified times of the day. This goes doubly so for people with a prior history of drug abuse, who must understand that using Kratom to battle addiction is not like taking medication to rid the body of an affliction but rather an exercise for control of the body and mind.


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