Is your Addiction so Bad to get into Rehab?

Addiction Rehab

When it comes to addiction and drug abuse, it’s challenging to be objective and admit your habit is out of control. But when you notice that your substance abuse deters the quality of life and relationships, you need to look at the options you have to relieve it closely.

Once you accept that your bad habits are running your health, you can move to the next step, and that is looking for help. Most times, the best way to stop an addiction is to go into rehab. There are many treatment options from which you can choose if you decide to get sober. 

But before picking one of them, you may wonder if your addiction is severe enough to get into rehab or you can choose another path. Most people struggling with addictions don’t go into rehab because they don’t think the situation is bad enough.

The fact is that if you’re wondering if you should get sober or continue down the path you’re now, your addiction has already taken control over your life, and you should get sober as soon as possible

Understand how severe your addiction is

Your substance use can negatively affect your relationships, career, and wellbeing, and turn your life around in no time. You know substance use had turned into an addiction when you no longer control your reactions.

Specialists describe addiction as a spectrum. And the criteria for the condition can help you tell if you experience a mild, moderate, or severe addiction.

Here are the eleven criteria a therapist will look for when they have to diagnose you:

1 You want to quit, but you cannot do it

2  You lost control

3 You spend a lot of time trying to use the substance and thinking about it

4  Cravings influence your behavior

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5  Your habits trigger problems in your relationships

6  You lost interest in everything you once loved to do

7  You engage in dangerous use of the substance

8  You experience withdrawal symptoms

 Your addiction is worsening

10  You’ve become tolerant of substance use

11  You fail to be responsible for your acts

Depending on how many criteria you meet, the therapist can determine how severe your addiction is. When you meet more than half of the criteria it’s best to get Luxury Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment of in a specialized facility because they can help you recover.

Why don’t your family and friends acknowledge your addiction?

You think you have an addiction, but your family and friends seem to ignore or miss it. When you ask them if you drink too much, they tell you you’re fine. In this case, you need to think if your family and friends are also using drugs and alcohol.

They may tell you you’re fine only because they don’t want to lose one of the people who’s partying with them. Also, when you hide your substance use from them it may be difficult for someone to notice it especially if you don’t live in the same house. 

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