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How scRNA-seq analysis has made analyzing sequencing data an extremely easy task

Single-cell RNA sequencing is expanding into the clinical setting (Haque et al. 2017). With the inherent complexity of NGS technologies, it becomes a challenge to acquire the laboratory and data analysis techniques necessary for NGS experiments. In scRNA-seq, researchers are taking steps towards improving the...

Enzymes: The Key To Metabolism, Weight Loss, and Youth

Are you frustrated with the slow progress of diet? Are you even getting any results at all from your exercise routine?  Well, we have a Japanese solution for losing weight efficiently in the form of a 100% organic supplement that can increase metabolism...

Signs of Drug Addiction

If you think a family member or friend has a problem with drugs, chances are they do. Everyone knows that if a person is ignoring family and job responsibilities in order to take or obtain drugs, that person has a problem. Most people know that a person has...

Side Effects Of Sleeping On Bad Mattress

Waking up tired and drowsy is not really a good way to start a day. From headache to body ache, all of these can be the adverse effects of sleeping and bad mattress side effects. These are mainly the short term effects of poor sleep...

How Anxiety Disorder is Worsened by Substance Abuse

Ordering bottles of beer on your birthday or enjoying glasses of wine to pair with your thick slab of steak is not going to be a problem unless you’re diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. People with anxiety disorders should steer clear from alcoholic beverages because...

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