8 Things to Get Done in Your First Trimester

First Trimester

Just months from now, you’ll be welcoming a new baby into your home – and your life will be more exciting than ever. While you’ve got plenty of time to prepare, there are some things that you ought to accomplish during the first trimester. Taking care of them now will help you accomplish a few important goals ranging from enjoying a healthy pregnancy to being completely prepped for the baby once he or she arrives.

Start Setting Up a Nursery

Decide where your baby will sleep, and then start getting ready. Take care of big chores like a painting now, and you’ll have less to worry about later. You can start looking at baby furniture, too – it’s a lot of fun narrowing down your choices and deciding how you’d like your baby’s room to look.

Learn What to Expect

Your body is already going through changes, and there are months to go before your transformation is complete. There are all sorts of discomforts and changes to anticipate along the way, and knowing what’s happening will ease your stress and help you put any fears aside.

Take Time for Your Teeth

One of the most common week 12 symptoms is bleeding, and sensitive gums. While this is normal, it’s also an indicator that this is a good time to spend some time focusing on your dental health. Brush and floss as often as you can, and consider chewing sugarless gum to help keep your teeth clean all day. Now is also a great time to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Go Shopping

You’re probably wearing pre-pregnancy clothes now, but pretty soon you’ll need at least a few wardrobe essentials to see you through the next several months. The good news is that maternity styles are no longer frumpy – many favorites manage to combine sleek, chick looks with sensible comfort.

Look for wide, stretchy waistbands, or keep wearing your favorite jeans a while longer with a waistband extender. Flowy tops provide coverage, cardigans let you create layered looks, and slip-on shoes will be appreciated when your tummy makes bending over more difficult.

Plan to Support your Back

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Backaches are common during pregnancy – you might even be experiencing them now. Supportive belly bands and pregnancy pillows help keep the discomfort to a minimum, around the clock.

Eat Small, Healthy Meals Frequently

Nourish your body and ensure that your growing baby has all the nutrients he or she needs by focusing on lots of fruit, veggies, lean protein, low-fat dairy or fortified dairy alternatives, and whole grains. Eat frequently throughout the day, particularly if you’re prone to morning sickness: Keeping a little bit of food in your stomach can help prevent nausea from taking over.

See your Doctor and Register for Classes

Be sure to check in with your doctor, register for any childbirth classes you’d like to take and pre-schedule your regular prenatal appointments.

Take NIP Test

NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) is a special kind of test that helps doctors check the DNA of an unborn baby. Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities can be detected. Contrary to other tests, poses no danger to the baby and should be performed whenever possible. Medical professionals often recommend NIPT for mothers who have a higher risk of having a child with these conditions because of their age or because of a family history of genetic disorders. The success rate for NIPT is extremely high, at 99% or higher. To put it another way, this aids parents in making wise decisions for the wellbeing of their infant.

Decide How and When to Announce Your Pregnancy

Many wait until the end of the first trimester to share the news that they’re expecting with their friends and extended family. You can have a lot of fun with this if you like – check out YouTube for some pregnancy reveal ideas, and consider sending announcements to those who won’t be present.

Most of all, enjoy this special time of your life! Even though there are discomforts, it’s amazing what your body can do – and in a surprisingly short amount of time, you’ll be welcoming a new baby.

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